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Up! Your Exchanges with TCP's Latest Features

Up! Your Exchanges

with TCP's Latest Features

Hi Travelport team,


We're excited to share TCP Exchange's newest updates! Streamline your ticket exchanges and refunds with our latest user-friendly enhancements.


Ticketing/Refund Restrictions


What's new? We've added a feature to set ticketing and refund restrictions for specific agents. These agents can manage reservations and view new Fare calculation including additional collection but can't finalize exchanges, void tickets, or process refunds.


How does that help me? This feature empowers Admin users with greater control. They can set restrictions under the new "Air users" section in the menu. By default, all users have full access, but admins can modify this to "Ticketing/Refunds restricted" as needed for tighter management.

Enable/Disable Button for TCP Users


What's new? We've upgraded our user management by replacing the old Remove button with a new Enable/Disable button.


How does that help me? Now, handling user access in your team is a breeze. You can quickly pause or reactivate access without having to remove profiles completely.

First Availability Options Suggested in Case of No Bookable Flights for the Specified Date


What's new? Say goodbye to frustrating 'no flights found' messages. When there's no flight available for your chosen date, TCP now shows you options for the next available date.


How does that help me? This makes finding and booking flights for ticket exchanges faster and hassle-free, especially when your first choice isn't available.

Q surcharge Confirmation Checkbox Added


What's new? We've added a simple checkbox for you to confirm that Q surcharge in Fare Calculation is not related to the penalty collected to the Fare. Then TCP continues with the exchange process. If the Q surcharge is related to the penalty, then TCP Exchange stops and you need to calculate the ticket manually. This is applicable to the second and subsequent exchanges only.

VAT for Penalty Taxes


What's new? You can now input VAT amount for penalty collected as a tax directly in TCP, thanks to our new interface.


How does that help me? This update allows for more accurate tax handling on transactions involving VAT calculated from penalty collected as a tax, ensuring correct VAT calculation. You can find an example with explanation here.

Your Friends at CEE Travel Systems


Any questions or feedback? Just let us know at

Your CEE Travel Systems team


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