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Up! Your TCP Experience: Explore the Redesigned Homepage

Up! Your TCP Experience:

Explore the Redesigned Homepage

Dear TCP Users,


We are excited to announce that starting May 1st, we have something new for you – a completely redesigned homepage for the TCP product! This change brings improvements in ergonomics, enhances clarity and user-friendliness, making your work with TCP easier.


TCP is a modular product and contains different applications, one of them is TCP Exchange. In the top-right corner, there are 2 new icons, one for application selection and for agent’s profile.


Applications Access


To access TCP Exchange, it is necessary to open Bookings management.

The users with admin rights will find all necessary settings in Organization management. Items shown in the sidebar menu in the top-left corner correspond to the selected application.




Profile contains your user name (= email), organization (= agency), the PCC selection and has a link (Account settings) to the profile settings including your local printer settings.

When you select Bookings management for TCP Exchange, Search is displayed as before.


Sidebar Menu


Following items are displayed under sidebar menu for users (on the left) and for admins

(on the right).

When you as an admin select Organization management, you will see the following items in the sidebar menu.


We believe that the new homepage will provide a better experience and enable more efficient navigation. We look forward to your initial impressions and feedback, which will help us continue to improve.


Thank you for your ongoing support, and we look forward to hear how happy you are with the new interface.

Your Friends at CEE Travel Systems


Any questions or feedback? Just let us know at

Your CEE Travel Systems team


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