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TCP Exchange

Fast and secure ticket exchanges, reissues, and refunds, all from your smart device.


Exchange, Reissue and Refund Tickets in Three Simple Steps

Exchanging and reissuing tickets can be tricky. Travel agents usually need a good deal of skill and know-how to handle them. TCP Exchange lets you exchange and reissue tickets fast, simply, and securely.

TCP Exchange is the next generation of GEM & GRM. It's a feature of our fresh, web-based platform for travel agents, Travel Cloud Pro. No installation required – it's all online.

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Super Adaptable!

TCP Exchange is incredibly flexible and can assist with a wide range of unusual ticket exchanges – both voluntary and involuntary, according to airline policies. This is especially useful during and after the Covid era.

Travelport+ Compatible

If you're using Travelport+, exchanging, reissuing, and refunding tickets just got a whole lot easier, whether you're on Travelport Smartpoint, GalileoTerminal, TMA, or other sales platforms. With TCP Exchange, you can tap into its exclusive features on any smart device, and there's no need for installation.

TCP Exchange works for all airlines listed in Travelport+.


It's available for both IATA and non-IATA agencies "selective access required".

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Issue or Void Tickets

TCP Exchange doesn't just let you exchange tickets, but you can also issue them. Its straightforward and user-friendly interface means you don't have to worry about complex codes. This is especially useful for consolidators. And if necessary, you can easily void tickets too.

Switch Between All Your PCCs Easily

TCP Exchange lets you effortlessly toggle between all your PCCs. Just click on the one you need to work with.

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Manage Segments with Ease

Using TCP Exchange for ticket exchanges? You can directly book new segments (perfect for checking prices) and cancel the ones you don't need anymore.

Handle Multiple Reissues

If your agents need to reissue the same ticket multiple times, TCP Exchange has got you covered. You can reissue it as many times as necessary, again and again.

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Sleek and User-Friendly Interface

  • Easily find tickets by PNR, last name, or ticket number.

  • TCP Exchange will then smoothly walk you through the rest of the process.

  • The search results give you a more detailed view of the PNR, including the itinerary.

  • Quickly get back to your recent searches, bookings, and operations.

Exchanging Tickets Just Got Easier

TCP Exchange simplifies the process with these advanced features:

  • Calculations are aligned with IATA rules.

  • Any penalty added to the Fare as a Q surcharge is automatically converted to NUC and included in the Fare, even in a different currency.

  • You have the ability to email EMDs to any email address.

  • Modify taxes in the comparison table, whether it's adding or overriding.

  • Get a detailed preview of the ticketing mask stored in the PNR.

  • Use predefined reason codes (RFISC) for issuing EMDs.

  • Create a manual mask based on the original ticket data on request, with options for modifications.

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  • Unused taxes can either be refunded or applied to offset any differences in Fare.

  • Copy the mask to other passengers, even in a new PNR where the original tickets weren't issued.

  • For exchanges before departure, calculations are based on modifying the first coupon.

  • Input details for validating carriers.

  • An advanced comparison table is available, detailing changes associated with additional collection (ADC) and refunds.

API Option for Custom Integration

If you're a developer or part of a travel agency with in-house programmers, and you're looking to enhance your application with TCP Exchange's capabilities, there's an API for that. Want your staff to handle ticket exchanges and reissues easily through a graphical interface, without needing to know cryptic entries? This can help minimize human errors and avoid ADMs.


The TCP Exchange API supports the process of creating masks, as well as exchanging or reissuing tickets.

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TCP Exchange
Fast and secure ticket exchanges, reissues and refunds, all from your smart device.


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