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TCP Exchange

Quick and safe ticket exchanges, reissues and refunds on any smart device.


Exchange, reissue and refund tickets in 3 quick stages

Ticket exchanges and reissues are complicated. Travel agents need a lot of experience and knowledge to be able to do them. TCP Exchange helps you exchange and reissue tickets quickly, easily and safely.

TCP Exchange is the next generation of GEM & GRM. It's a part of our brand new platform for travel agents called Travel Cloud Pro. So it's purely web-based and you don't need to install it.

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Sooo flexible!

TCP Exchange is very flexible and can help you solve a huge number of non-standard ticket exchanges – both voluntary and involuntary as per carriers' requirements. This comes handy during covid and post-covid times.

Travelport+ supported

Are you a Travelport+ user? It has never been easier to exchange, reissue and refund tickets in Travelport Smartpoint, GalileoTerminal, TMA and other points of sale. You can benefit from TCP Exchange's unique features on any smart device, no installation required.

TCP Exchange works for all airlines available in Travelport+.


Available for both IATA and non-IATA agencies (selective access required).

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Issue or void tickets

With TCP Exchange, you can not only exchange but also issue tickets. Thanks to the clear and simple GUI, you don't even need to know the cryptic entries. A great thing for consolidators. Or if needed, you can also void tickets.

Access all your PCCs

With TCP Exchange, you can easily switch between all your PCCs. Just click the one you need to access.

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Book or cancel segments

When you're exchanging a ticket in TCP Exchange, you can directly book new segments (this is great for informative pricing) and cancel the unused ones.

Repeated reissues

Sometimes, your agents need to reissue the same ticket several times. TCP Exchange is ready for that, and you can reissue over and over and over again.

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Modern responsive interface

  • Search tickets easily by PNR, family name or ticket number.

  • Let TCP Exchange then guide you through the rest of the process.

  • Search results offer more detailed PNR view including itinerary.

  • Easily access your latest searches, bookings and operations.

Ticket exchanges will be a piece of cake

TCP Exchange got you covered with the following advanced features:

  • Calculations are based on IATA rules.

  • The penalty collected to the Fare as Q surcharge is automatically converted to NUC and added to the Fare, even if it is specified in a different currency.

  • You can send EMDs to any email address.

  • Modification of taxes in comparison table (adding, overriding).

  • Comprehensive preview of ticketing mask stored in the PNR.

  • Predefined reason codes (RFISC) for EMD issue.

  • Manual mask creation based on original ticketing data upon agent request with possible modification.

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  • Unused taxes can be refunded or used for compensation of the Fare difference.

  • You can copy the mask for other passengers even in a new PNR where the original tickets were not issued.

  • The way of calculation for exchange before departure is based on modification of the first coupon.

  • You can enter validating carriers.

  • Advanced comparison table with changes related to additional collection (ADC) and refund.

API also available

Are you a developer or a travel agency with own programmers and you want to enrich your own application with the TCP Exchange functionality? Do you want your staff to exchange and reissue tickets easily in a graphical user interface without the knowledge of cryptic entries, and thus avoid human errors and ADMs?


TCP Exchange API can help create the process of mask creation, ticket exchange or reissue.

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TCP Exchange
Quick and safe ticket exchanges, reissues and refunds on any smart device.


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