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Up! Your Subagent Network with SmartAgent's New Features

Up! Your Subagent Network

with SmartAgent's New Features

Hi Travelport team,

Explore the latest features in SmartAgent to make your work with subagents smoother and more efficient.

Easier Subagent Login Management

What's new? SmartAgent now has a new way for consolidators to manage subagent logins. Unlike before, consolidators can now create and manage their "own subagents" easily.

How does that help me? This makes managing relationships with subagents simpler and more organized. It’s easier to keep track of interactions and ensures a smoother operation overall.

Auto Check for Ticket Info

What's new? A new automatic tool in SmartAgent keeps an eye on ticketing details in Travelport+ PNRs after tickets are issued. It either collects this info right away or puts the task in a queue to do it later, then adds it to the Transaction history.

How does that help me? This tool saves time by doing the ticket info checking for you. It helps avoid mistakes and keeps records updated without extra work on your part.

Switch to Google Analytics 4

What's new? SmartAgent has switched to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) from the old version. This fixes the issue of customers not getting analytics details and makes sure SmartAgent works well with GA4.

How does that help me? With GA4, you get better insights on user activities. This helps you understand your customers better, make smarter decisions, and improve your marketing efforts.


Any questions or feedback? Just let us know at

Your CEE Travel Systems team


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