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Up! Your Itineraries: CEE Itinerary+ v1.14.3 with NDC & More

Up! Your Itineraries:

CEE Itinerary v1.14.3 with NDC & More

Get ready to elevate your itinerary services with the latest update of CEE Itinerary+! Our new version 1.14.3 is here, bringing with it enhancements that make travel smoother and service richer for your clients.

What’s New in v1.14.3?

NDC Ticket Number Integration: Both free and paid versions of CEE Itinerary now support NDC ticket numbers. For flights booked through NDC, itineraries generated will display ticket numbers clearly. This added detail ensures a more comprehensive overview for travelers, enhancing transparency and trust.

Hotel Check-In/Out Times: No more guesswork for hotel stays. We've included check-in and check-out times directly in the itinerary and calendar files. These details provide travelers with an even more detailed and convenient travel plan.

What’s Coming Up?

2D Bar Code Functionality: Streamline your client's airport experience. With the 2D bar code feature, travelers will enjoy smoother entry into airport terminals. This update is in line with international airport preferences, keeping travelers ahead of the curve.

WhatsApp Integration: Communication is key, and it will soon be one click away. Our intuitive CEE Itinerary+ interface will include a WhatsApp button, prepopulating a message and adding the PDF itinerary link in the installed WhatsApp app. Share itineraries with travelers in a snap, enhancing your responsiveness and customer service.

These updates are designed with the modern traveler in mind, keeping convenience and clarity at the forefront. Start using version 1.14.3 today and provide a heightened travel planning experience that travelers will appreciate.

Ready to Up! your itinerary creation? Update to the latest version of CEE Itinerary and try extra features of CEE Itinerary+.


Any questions or feedback? Just let us know at

Your CEE Travel Systems team


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