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📣 Check out what's new in July 2022 🔥

What's new in July 2022

Exciting updates in Queue Processor, GOL IBE and Group Processor.

Increase revenue and save costs. Brand new tutorial.

Automate sorting of PNRs and removal of HX segments

Where? In Queue Processor. What's new? We are excited to share our brand new animated explainer with you.

How does that help me? Imagine you can automate sorting of PNRs. And how about automating removal of HX segments? Work smarter and avoid AMDs. Learn in less than 2 min how Queue Processor can help you with that.


Please cancel active bookings after payment due date

Where? In GOL IBE. What's new? Not so much an enhancement update but rather an encouragement for those of you who use GOL IBE. Please make sure that you cancel active bookings created through your GOL IBE that are past their payment date. Otherwise you may receive an ADM from the carrier. You can set up the payment date in the Admin Console and it is then automatically generated by GOL IBE for each booking and shown to travelers in the itinerary as due date. The purpose of due date is:

  • It tells your customers what's the payment deadline for the particular booking.

  • It tells you as the travel agency the deadline until which you can wait for customers to pay. After the due date, you should cancel the booking to avoid an ADM from the carrier. You can of course issue the ticket also after the due date but it may be risky to pass the due date.

You can easily cancel bookings in the GOL IBE Admin Console under Reservations. Just click on Cancel either in the list of bookings:

or in the detail of the booking:

At the same time, we encourage you to please regularly revise your Queues through Travelport Smartpoint as you may receive a notification from the carrier to issue the e-ticket immediately even before the booking's due date. How does that help me? Take a good care of PNRs created through your GOL IBE and avoid unnecessary ADMs.


New explainer – Group Processor Where? In Group Processor. What's new? Did you know that Group Processor offers a free plugin and makes a very useful extension for your Travelport Smartpoint? It helps you create passive group PNRs, for groups created at the airline.

How does that help me? See how easy it is to combine Travelport Smartpoint and Group Processor in your daily workflow.

Brand new tutorial Our series of quick tutorials continues. You can look forward to them also in the following newsletters. Learn a new thing with each tutorial and get more out of your CEE tools. This month, let's take a look at how to change the Queue number in your GOL IBEthrough the Admin Console.


Any questions or feedback? Just let us know at

Your CEE Travel Systems team


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