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Online booking, elevated.

Transform your travel agency website into a hub for air ticket sales.

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Simplicity, Defined

Integrate a search form on your website, enabling customers to explore flights and book instantly. Once a booking is made, you receive a PNR to your dedicated Queue in Travelport Smartpoint. Handle payments, issue e-tickets, and watch your business thrive. All with a customizable, no-code solution.

Design with Distinction

Two paths.


First, without a website? Embrace our elegant default design.


Second, with a website? Integrate our search form effortlessly or tailor it to your brand with our HTML and scripts.

Travel content

Global travel content

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Branded Fares at a Glance

Elevate customer experience. With GOL IBE's integration of Travelport+ branded fares, travelers find the perfect flight and pricing, all with a simple click on "More Brands".

Payment methods

Payment, Simplified

Whether through cash, bank transfer, invoice, or credit card, every payment flows directly to you.

Experience the pinnacle of convenience. GOL IBE seamlessly aligns with a vast array of payment gateways. Should your choice not be present, we'll tailor our platform to embrace it.

Global: Paypal

Africa & Middle East: DirectPay Online, Coinpayments, Payswitch, Pesapal, Xpresspay, Yo payments, CBQ, PayTabs

APAC: iPay88, Kasikorn, Paydollar/AsiaPay, PxPay, Commbank, eGHL, Billplz

Europe: Azericard, Barclay, BKT, CardPay, Cartu, Comgate, CSOB, eBanka, Eborica, Liqpay, GPWebpay, Paylink, PayU, Simplepay, Sporopay, Tatrapay, VUB, Corvus

Online Shopping

Tools for Tomorrow's Travel

One-way Combos: More choices, Better Value

Give travelers a world of flight options, great prices, and flexible times. With GOL IBE, even different fare types, like legacy fares and LCC or NDC, come together. Imagine the possibilities.

Manager controlling flights of aeroplane

Admin console: Your Command Hub

Easily manage mark-ups, tailor GOL IBE's design, view bookings, track customers, and more. Plus, with full Google Analytics support, insights are always at your fingertips. And to ensure you're set for success, we offer complimentary training as you get started.

Flight Watchdog: Always in the Loop

Engage visitors and boost your earnings. If a traveler hesitates to book, a prompt appears for their email. GOL IBE then sends daily updates, charting flight price trends for their chosen route. Once they spot the right price, a single click on "Book" brings them back to finalize their journey on your site. Discover the difference.

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Open-Jaw and Multi-Leg Searches: Freedom in Flight Planning

Let travelers craft their unique journey, with multiple stops and transfers. GOL IBE intelligently merges fares, ensuring the most competitive price. Sometimes, it even surprises with combinations beyond the usual.

Flexible Search: Up to +/- 3 Days

If initial offers don't quite match your clients' needs, they can explore options around their chosen dates. With a default range of up to +/- 3 days, GOL IBE ensures a comprehensive search, unveiling all potential day combinations.

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Multi-Origin Search: Broaden the Horizon

In many regions, travelers explore departures from farther airports, even those across borders. With GOL IBE, simultaneous searches from multiple origins become effortlessly possible.

Seat Selection: Personalise the Journey

Travelers can handpick their seats on long-haul flights, guided by an intuitive graphical seat map.

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Booking Assurance: Safety First

GOL IBE stands guard for your business. Bookings only finalize when airlines confirm (with segment statuses like LL, HX, UC, etc.) and when prices remain consistent.

Better Search Results

Use the admin console to make searches better with parallel queires. You can choose to show results for certain airlines, flight times, or transfers. Use what you know to get the best results. And, see how well your choices work with our easy-to-read stats.

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Web Design Layout Homepage Idea Design S

Tailor-Made Design

Dive deep into design choices. Adjust colors, banners, icons, buttons, and more. Customize a search form and place it wherever you like on your site. And for a seamless look, your website's header and footer stay consistent during the whole booking journey, blending your site's design with the booking process.

Flexible Fees & Commissions

Choose how you set your service fee: a percentage, a fixed amount, or a mix of both. Easily set airline commissions, and they'll be saved in the Filed fare, reducing mistakes. Adjust based on factors like airline, destination, ticket price, or even specific users – ideal for business clients and partners.

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Simplifying Agent Tasks with GOL IBE

GOL IBE gathers all needed details from passengers for bookings:

  • Essential booking details

  • Passport information

  • Frequent Flyer program info

Clients can book, pay, and receive their e-ticket all on their own. Plus, GOL IBE sends out email confirmations, travel plans, and e-tickets automatically. And the best part? You can customize their look to fit your brand.

Data Exports Made Easy

With GOL IBE, export data in CSV format that goes beyond just booking details. Dive into insights like popular search types, date ranges chosen, specific airlines preferred, and more. Plus, our exports play well with other systems, making it easy for you to analyze further, like using Excel's PivotTables.

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Best Prices with MultiPCC

Whether you're a global travel agency or have branches and partners beyond your main location, GOL IBE has you covered. By connecting all your Travelport+ PCCs, we ensure your customers see offers from everywhere. The result? Better chances to showcase the most competitive prices and boost ticket sales.

Personalized Meal Choices

Elevate your customers' travel journey. During booking, they can select their favorite meal or opt for special options like VGML, CHML, and more.

Mexican Meal
Woman hand packing a luggage for a new j

Weekend Fare Finder

Help your clients discover the best deals for extended weekends. They can search for departures on Thursdays, Fridays, or Saturdays and returns on Sundays, Mondays, or Tuesdays within a chosen month. It's the perfect tool for flexible weekend getaways.

Special Offers: A Sales Boost

GOL IBE tunes into your customers' preferences. It tracks their top choices and provides you with a curated list. Simply select the deals you want to showcase, and watch your sales grow.

E-ticket with plane model red passport a

E-Ticketing, Streamlined

With GOL IBE, once a booking is paid, e-tickets are sent out automatically, no agent needed. Our system ensures safety by verifying payments and by not ticketing flights from unfamiliar places outside your business hours. So, when a client books and pays, their e-ticket arrives instantly. And if needed, agents can easily cancel or VOID tickets right from the Admin Console.

Elevate Your Design

With GOL IBE, dive deeper into design customization using CSS or our GOL API. This lets you craft a unique display of Travelport+ information, tailored just the way you envision.

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Dealer Sales: Expand Your Reach

With the dealer sales feature, replicate your GOL IBE search form across all your sites and even on your partners' platforms. Each form can have its unique design, services, fees, and notifications. Monitor all activity in the admin console, while your dealers keep an eye on their own metrics.


Trust, Global

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Join a community of esteemed partners worldwide.

Curious? Dive into Our Demo.

Eager to boost ticket sales on your website and native apps for iOS and Android? Explore our features up close.


¹ Monthly fees begin once your search form is made public.

² Charges apply only to ticketed bookings, even if later cancelled. Exclusive to Travelport+.

³ Travelport+ and Travelfusion ticketing fees are taken from an annual, non-refundable deposit. If depleted before 12 months, a new deposit is required.

⁴ Utilizing our SVCB within the client's PCC.

⁵ Low-cost air ticket activation (via Travelfusion) has two conditions: 1. Agencies must use a local payment gateway or cover its integration; 2. A deposit in EUR is required, calculated from the agency's average monthly production of Travelfusion tickets. This content connector is complimentary.

⁶ Additional watchers incur charges as per the Flight Watchdog pricing.

⁷ Languages offered include: Albanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Latvian, Macedonian, Malay, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Slovak, Thai, Ukrainian. Additional languages can be discussed.

⁸ We support a wide range of payment gateways: Muzo, Raiffeisenbank, TatraPay, WorldPay, PaySec, SporoPay, Sentry, UkrEximBank, WebMoney, Clear2Pay, Adriatika, Azericard, Goldenpay, PayU, UPC, BAR/PAR, Cartu Bank, LiqPay, ČSOB, PayLink, CBQ, 3G Direct Pay (DPO), Barclay, Xpresspay, PayPal, Yo! Payments, PesaPal, E-Borica, SimplePay, CardPay, PaySwitch, iPay88, PayDollar, Kasikorn, Payment Express, Coinpayments etc.

⁹ Travelport sets local transaction fees based on the agency's API agreement.

¹⁰ Travelfusion bookings have specific charges based on the licensing used: USD 3.60 (in case of bookings via CEE's Travelfusion licence), USD 2.40 (in case of agency's own Travelfusion licence and BSP bookings via Travelfusion).

¹¹ This feature is available in the previous design version only.

¹² Vendor remark notifications can be activated upon request.

¹³ A USD 0.12 fee applies for every retrieved offline booking, charged in 1000 booking increments, ie. 0–1000 = 1000 bookings, 1001–2000 = 2000 bookings etc. The fee applies only if the feature is used.

Grow your online travel business.

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