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Your online booking tool. Sell air tickets on your travel agency website.

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Simple as that

We help you put a search form on your travel agency website and you can sell air tickets to the public online. Your customers can check available flights online, and make a booking. You receive a PNR to your dedicated Queue, follow up with the customer to settle the payment (or the customers pays by credit card), and you issue the e-ticket (or it's issued automatically).

A ready, customizable solution. No programming required. Simple as that.

Beautiful, customizable design and easy implementation

Two options.

Number one - you don't have a website. Never mind. Use the default beautiful graphical design.

Number two - you do have a website. Perfect.  Easily implement the search form through iframe, or connect it with your unique design using our HTML and scripts.

Travel content

Global travel content

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Branded fares

Passengers are still more and more demanding. When they come to your travel agency website, they want to find just the right flight and pricing option. And because GOL IBE displays branded fares provided by Travelport+, they now can. All they need to do is to click on More Brands in the search results.

Payment methods

Payment methods

Comfortable payments

Passengers can pay cash, via bank transfer, invoice or by credit card. However they decide to pay, the money goes straight to you.

One of the most comfortable payment method for both you and the customer is the credit card. GOL IBE supports many payment gateways. If none of the below is suitable for you, we'll do our utmost to integrate your preferred payment gateway.

Global: Paypal

Africa & Middle East: DirectPay Online, Coinpayments, Payswitch, Pesapal, Xpresspay, Yo payments

APAC: iPay88, Kasikorn, Paydollar/AsiaPay, PxPay, Commbank, eGHL, Billplz

Europe: BKT, Comgate, CSOB, Eborica, JCC, Muzo, PayU, Tatrapay

Online Shopping

Pro tools to grow

your online travel business

Manager controlling flights of aeroplane

Admin console

Your control centre. Here you set up your mark-up, control the graphic design of your GOL IBE, have access to online bookings, registered customers, statistics etc. Google analytics is fully supported. You’ll get a free of charge admin console training during your implementation.

Flight Watchdog

Keep the client on your website, and increase your revenue. If the passenger is not ready to buy now, a window pops up, they enter their email address, and GOL IBE sends them one email per day with a graph showing price development for the origin and destination they were looking for. When the client likes the price, they click Book and they're redirected back to your website to finish the booking. Learn more.

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Open-jaw and multi-leg flight search

Your clients can plan their own trip with as many transfers and stops as they wish.

GOL IBE automatically combines the fares to get the best price. Sometimes not even your agents will come up with such combinations.

Up to +/- 3 days search

The found offers don’t meet your clients’ expectations? They can search the surrounding days. The search range of up to +/- 3 days can be set as the default. It offers a full-fledged search for all possible combinations of days.

Summer Calendar Schedule with toy airpla
golibe-more origins.png

Search from more origins at the same time

It is usual in some countries that clients consider departures from more distant airports, sometimes even from abroad. GOL IBE allows you to configure searching from more origins at the same time.

Seat booking

Your clients can book specific seats on long-haul flights using a nice graphical seat map.

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Earth polygon mesh planet World Business

Protection against non-guaranteed bookings

GOL IBE protects your business – it is not possible to finish a booking that is not confirmed by the airline (segment statuses LL, HX, UC etc.) or if the price differs.

Enriched search results

The admin console allows you to set up parallel search queries that enrich the search results based on various criteria – for defined airlines, non-standard flight times, transfers etc.

Apply your know-how to get the best search results.

The statistics will show you how successful your configuration is.

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Web Design Layout Homepage Idea Design S

Design modifications

Rich design modifications.

Change the colours and graphical elements such as banners, icons, buttons etc.

A separate search form – you can modify it and put it anywhere on your website.

Your website’s header and footer throughout the entire booking process – synergy between the design of your website and the design of the booking process.

Service fees and airline commissions based on various criteria

Set up your service fee as a percentage, as a fixed fee or as a combination of both.


Set up all your airline commissions, and they’ll be stored in the Filed fare automatically. No more agent errors.

Based on the airline, the destination, the destination type (eg. Europe-America), the ticket price or the specific logged-in user (suitable for corporate clients and subagents).

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Making it easier for your travel agents

GOL IBE requests all required details from passengers and uses them for their bookings:

  • Mandatory details for creating a booking

  • Passport details

  • FF programme details

Your clients can go through the entire booking process, pay and get their e-ticket – without any help from your agents.

GOL IBE automatically generates email confirmations, itineraries/payment documents and electronic tickets – you can change their design as you wish.

Data exports

Data exports in the CSV format include not only usual information about bookings, but also data for business analysis – you can find out what type of search is mostly used, what the range of searched days is and whether the clients selected a specific day or an offer from the surrounding days, if and what airline they preferred etc. The exports are compatible with other 3rd-party systems and are suitable for further easy processing, eg. using PivotTables in Excel.

businessman working data document graph

Offer the best prices with MultiPCC

Are you a multi-national travel agency? Or do you have branches or affiliate partners in other than your home market? We can connect all your Travelport+ PCCs to your GOL IBE so your customers get offers from more sources. This increases your chance to offer the lowest price and sell more tickets.

Meal preferences

Let your customers upgrade their travel experience. They can request a preferred meal or a special meal (VGML, CHML, etc.) right during the booking process.

Mexican Meal
Woman hand packing a luggage for a new j

Search weekend fares

This feature allows your clients to search and book the best offers within the defined month with departures on Thursday, Friday or Saturday and returns on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. It is ideal for planning an extended weekend with no specific date.

Boost your sales with Special Offers

GOL IBE knows what your customers look for and book on your website. It remembers the most attractive offers and gives you a list. You just pick those you want to display and sell more of them.

E-ticket with plane model red passport a

Automated e-ticketing

Paid bookings can be automatically e-ticketed without any assistance from your agents. Automated e-ticketing is secure because GOL IBE first automatically checks the payments and also because of the security settings that forbids ticketing of bookings with departures from unknown origins outside of your working hours. Automated e-ticketing means that your client makes a booking and as soon as they pay, they receive their electronic ticket. Your agents can also VOID issued e-tickets or cancel active PNRs simply by clicking a button in the Admin Console.

Advanced design modifications

More complex modifications of the design are possible through CSS or even through GOL API – a programming interface that allows you to build your own way of displaying information from Travelport+.

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Dealer sales

The dealer sales feature lets you copy your GOL IBE search form to all your websites, and also websites of your cooperating dealers. For each such copied search form, you can set up individual design, services, service fees, notifications and much more. You can track the entire production in the admin console, and your dealers can track their own production.


Trusted by

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and many others all over the world.

Interested? Watch a demo

Ready to start selling air tickets through your website and native agency app for iOS and Android? Take a look at the features in more detail.


¹ Monthly fees are charged from the moment we unlock your search form for the use by the public.

² Only per ticketed (even if cancelled afterward), not per booked and cancelled. Applies for Travelport+ only.

³ Fees for ticketed Travelport+ bookings and Travelfusion bookings are deducted from the deposit. The deposit is annual, non-refundable and valid for 12 months since payment (or since the first day following the expiration date of the previous deposit). If the deposit is used up sooner than in 12 months, the agency pays another deposit.

⁴ With our SVCB under client's PCC.

⁵ Activation of Low-cost air tickets (Travelfusion) is subject to 2 conditions: 1. The agency has to use a payment gateway in its country of business (or pay for its integration) to collect payments for these bookings; 2. The agency will pay to us a deposit in EUR for ticketed Travelfusion bookings (the deposit will be calculated based on agency's average monthly production of Travelfusion ticketed bookings). This content connector is provided free of charge.

⁶ More watchers are charged as per the Flight Watchdog price list.

⁷ Available languages: Albanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Latvian, Macedonian, Malay, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Slovak, Thai, Ukrainian. Other languages subject to discussion.

⁸ Available payment gateways: Muzo, Raiffeisenbank, TatraPay, WorldPay, PaySec, SporoPay, Sentry, UkrEximBank, WebMoney, Clear2Pay, Adriatika, Azericard, Goldenpay, PayU, UPC, BAR/PAR, Cartu Bank, LiqPay, ČSOB, PayLink, CBQ, 3G Direct Pay (DPO), Barclay, Xpresspay, PayPal, Yo! Payments, PesaPal, E-Borica, SimplePay, CardPay, PaySwitch, iPay88, PayDollar, Kasikorn, Payment Express, Coinpayments.

⁹ Local transaction fees are charged by Travelport based on agency’s API addendum.

¹⁰ Bookings through Travelfusion. USD 3 (in case of bookings via CEE's Travelfusion licence), USD 2 (in case of agency's own Travelfusion licence and BSP bookings via Travelfusion).

¹¹ Available in the former design.

¹² Notifications with Vendor remarks to be enabled upon request.

¹³ Fee applies only if the feature is used. It is charged per every 1000 bookings, ie. 0–1000 = 1000 bookings, 1001–2000 = 2000 bookings etc.


Grow your online travel business.

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