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Queue Processor

Tame your Queues.
Manage your bookings with greater efficiency.


Travelport+ Compatible

If you're using Travelport+, Queue Processor will help get those queues in line. You and your agents are about to see a whole new level of efficiency.

Without Queue Processor

Your travel agency generates tons of bookings (PNRs), whether it's via the GDS or your online booking engine. The catch is, not all your agents process these PNRs in the same way. That's exactly where Queue Processor steps in to assist.

Using Queue Processor

Queue Processor ensures a steady, ongoing, and hands-free distribution of booking files across Pseudos, queues, and categories. It allows for extensive customization of the queue sorting process and error handling, tailored to the specific requirements of your travel agency.

Automatically Clears HX Segments

That's right. Queue Processor can automatically get rid of HX segments from PNRs, aiding in cutting down the number of ADMs from airlines. It goes through your PNRs every hour.


Organizes PNRs by DOCI and NOTE

Queue Processor gets smarter with each update. It can now sort bookings based on specific text found in the DOCI and NOTE elements within PNRs.

Key Advantages in a Nutshell

  • Dependable and Consistent

  • Significantly reduces your costs, optimizes the sorting process and avoids unnecessary transactions

  • Highly customizable

  • Auto-generates missing categories

  • Capability to establish categories and report issues through email

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Queue Processor
Tame your Queues.
Manage your bookings with better efficiency.


Try it out with a 1-month free trial.

* Note: This feature is available only with the standard QP subscription and cannot be used independently.

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