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Online tool for consolidators and their subagents.

Why SmartAgent?

Are you a non-IATA agency but you want to issue air tickets?

Are you a IATA consolidator and you spend a lot of time issuing air tickets for your non-IATA partners? How about letting them do it by themselves and still keep a full control?


Then SmartAgent is just the tool for you.

Travelport+ supported

Are you a Travelport+ user? Then you as a consolidator can give your subagents access to SmartAgent. You save a lot of time (and money) because subagents can handle most of their everyday operations by themselves in a clear graphical interface, and you keep everything under control at the same time because subagent actions are limited by their prepaid credit.

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How does it work?

SmartAgent gives you a chance to automate a majority of your everyday processes related to subagents. They're able to handle these types of transactions: tickets, refunds, revalidations and void procedures.

Web-based consolidator platform

It takes just a few clicks to set up your access. SmartAgent perfectly fits your Smartpoint and makes the document processing much quicker and easier.

Because it's a fully web-based platform, you can use it on your preferred OS. All you need is an up-to-date web browser.

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SmartAgent speaks your language

The user interface can be easily translated into any language you wish. All the host notifications and hints that you’re familiar with now look better. Thanks to that you will never get lost in outdated cryptic entries.

Do the same thing, just faster

Document production is a complicated and time-consuming part of your agents' everyday work. SmartAgent makes it easier and increases their productivity. No more cryptic entries for:

Search/book new tickets:

  • search fares in advanced

  • create new bookings

Fare quote:

  • quote public fares

  • quote private fares

  • best buy quote

Ticket operations:

  • Issue

  • Refund

  • Partial refund

  • Exchange

  • Void

EMD operations:

  • EMD issue

  • EMD void

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Admin console

No matter who you are – a consolidator, or a subagent – your user rights are within the bounds of your responsibility. As a consolidator, the admin console lets you set up everything necessary for your consolidator business, incl. credit limit per subagents and many other parameters.

Subagents under your control

As a consolidator, you can let your subagents process tickets without any risk. Thanks to SmartAgent, you can now monitor the activity of each subagent and set restrictions based on airline, money balance or transaction type.

Moreover, you receive an e-mail about each and every productive transaction done by your subagents.

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Organized Files

Keep your records

Each and every transaction is logged on our server. It means that your records are safe and you can backtrack any transaction back.

Interested? Watch a demo

Ready for a fresh take on your consolidator business? Take a look at the features in more detail.


Online tool for consolidators and their subagents.

1-month free trial available.

* A productive transaction = any issue, refund, revalidation, exchange, void.
** Applies only to PNRs created via SA's built-in booking form. The fee is deducted from the minimum monthly fee of $ 119, same as productive transactions.

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