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Online Tool for Consolidators and Their Subagents.

Why Choose SmartAgent?

Are you a non-IATA agency itching to issue air tickets?

Or maybe you're an IATA consolidator, tired of spending heaps of time issuing tickets for your non-IATA partners? Wouldn't it be great if they could handle it themselves, while you still maintain complete control?


That's where SmartAgent comes in – it's the perfect solution for you.

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Travelport+ Compatible

If you're using Travelport+, as a consolidator, you can grant your subagents access to SmartAgent. This saves you heaps of time (and cash) since subagents can manage most of their day-to-day tasks independently using a user-friendly graphical interface. And you still keep everything in check, as subagent activities are capped by their prepaid credit limit.

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How does it work?

SmartAgent offers the opportunity to automate most of your routine processes involving subagents. They can independently manage various transactions like ticketing, refunds, revalidations, and voiding procedures.

Online Platform for Consolidators

Setting up your access is a breeze – just a few clicks and you're good to go. SmartAgent integrates seamlessly with your Smartpoint, making document processing quicker and easier.

Being completely web-based, it works with the operating system of your choice. All that's required is a up-to-date web browser.

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SmartAgent Speaks Your Language

The user interface can be effortlessly translated into any language you prefer. All the familiar host notifications and hints now have a cleaner, more user-friendly look. This means no more getting tangled up in those old-school cryptic entries.

Speed Up Your Tasks

Handling document production is complex and eats up a lot of your agents' time. SmartAgent simplifies this process and boosts their productivity. Say goodbye to cryptic entries for:

Search/book new tickets:

  • search fares in advanced

  • create new bookings

Fare quote:

  • quote public fares

  • quote private fares

  • best buy quote

Ticket operations:

  • Issue

  • Refund

  • Partial refund

  • Exchange

  • Void

EMD operations:

  • EMD issue

  • EMD void

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Admin console

Whether you're a consolidator or a subagent, your user permissions fit your role. As a consolidator, the admin console empowers you to configure everything you need for your business, including setting credit limits for subagents and adjusting various other settings.

Keep an Eye on Your Subagents

As a consolidator, you can enable your subagents to handle ticket processing worry-free. With SmartAgent, you have the ability to oversee each subagent's activity and impose limits based on factors like airline, financial balance, or type of transaction.

Plus, you'll get an email notification for every single productive transaction your subagents complete.

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Organized Files

Maintain Your Transaction History

Every transaction is logged on our server, ensuring your records are secure. You can easily trace back any transaction whenever needed.

Want to See It in Action? Check Out a Demo

Eager to give your consolidator business a new edge? Dive into the features with a closer look.


Web-Based Platform for Consolidators and Their Subagents.

 Try it out with a 1-month free trial.

* A productive transaction includes any issue, refund, revalidation, exchange, void.

** Valid only for PNRs generated using SA's built-in booking form. The fee is taken from the minimum monthly fee of $145, just like productive transactions.

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