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GalileoTerminal – Itinerary in different languages, Baggage allowance

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Hi there, we know your time is expensive, and we're here to help you save it. Just a quick heads-up that we've added all GT supported languages to the in-built itinerary. You can now create and send itineraries in Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. The default language is the same as your default GT language. Hope you’ll enjoy this latest boost and that it'll be useful for your travel business.


We've enhanced the way we collect information on baggage allowance for the GT itinerary. Thanks to that we can now show baggage allowance even for PNRs where ticket details don't exist or are not available.


Any questions, praise, feedback, comments? Let us know at Not using GT yet? Order your free 1-month trial today.

Your CEE Travel Systems team


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