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Are you having a hard time finding travel agents for your team?

Having a hard time finding travel agents for your team?

We keep hearing from travel agencies around the world that their business has been picking up (yeay!) but because their travel agents decided to leave for another industry (or had to be laid off) at the beginning of covid, it's tough now to get them back.

As a result, you finally may be receiving more business but there's not enough hands to handle the requests.

This situation is similar in most countries. To keep your customer service on the same or better level of quality, you need to find a way to meet your customers' expectations. Yes, we do have a solution for you!

And why TripGate?

  • Rich content (legacy, LCC and NDC air, hotels, rail)

  • Desktop and mobile, native app (book anytime, anywhere)

  • Expense management

  • Profile management

  • Risk management

  • Travel alerts

  • High-risk countries

  • Business travel policy

  • Speedy approvals

  • Duty of care (travel information)

  • Support

TripGate Mobile

Corporate travelers are busy and often on the go. Let them handle their trips also on smartphones. The app is custom branded to reflect your corporate identity and available on App Store and Play Store.


Any questions or feedback? Just let us know at

Your CEE Travel Systems team


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