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Your all-in-one corporate booking tool.

Allow your corporate customers the luxury of booking air tickets, hotels and rail online.

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Travel policies

Travel policies togeher with cost centres and automated verification process help your corporate customers effectively control overall expenses.

With the lowest acceptable fare policy, you'll save money because TripGate will make sure your travellers always pick the cheapest price option acceptable within their travel policy. TripGate highlights it in the search results.

Approval process

Thanks to TripGate, your corporate customers can be sure that their employees travel in compliance with the defined corporate travel policies. TripGate's state-of-the-art approval process can allow travelers choose only such options that are within their travel policy tier, and if they select an option outside of their tier, their manager receives a notification and approves/declines it by one tap.

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Cost centers

This key feature allows you to manage cost centres by defining payment methods, assigning managers and setting travel policies.

Role & user management

Efficient administration of users and roles is another one of TripGate's key advantages. With user upload via Excel files, profile creation has never been easier.

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Save time, 24/7 access

Automation and standardized processes allow your corporate customers to search and book a trip on their own, and just within a few minutes.

Because TripGate is web-based, any user can access it 24/7 anytime and anywhere.

Guest bookings

Travel arrangers can create guest profiles, and these guests (who are not company’s core employees) can be added as passengers to the booking. A guest profile is usually used for external contractors or employees's family members travelling at company's expense.

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If a corporation operates in different regions, let them specify countries for each of them. This is key for travel policies because you can limit the ticket price from a region A to a region B. Also, every company considers different countries for individual regions.

Payment gateways

One of the most comfortable payment method for both you and the customer is the credit card. TripGate already supports 30+ payment gateways, and we keep adding. If none of them is suitable for you, we'll do our utmost to integrate your preferred one.

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Offer the best prices with MultiPCC

Are you a multi-national travel agency? Or do you have branches or affiliate partners in other than your home market? We can connect all your Galileo PCCs to your TripGate so your customers get offers from more sources. This increases your chance to offer the lowest price and sell more tickets.

Customized reports

TripGate can send any relevant data via its API to your internal applications. Or you can quickly retrieve basic statistics and reports right in TripGate.

You just tell us what exactly you need to see in your reports (passenger volumes, bookings, travellers, cost comparison etc.) We prepare a custom report for each of your corporates, and TripGate automatically fills with data and sends to a selected email or FTP server.

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Desktop and mobile

Whatever device your corporate travelers prefer, TripGate's there. Thanks to it's mobile responsive design, it's delight to work with also on smartphones.


TripGate Mobile

Rather a fan of native apps? TripGate Mobile will come handy on both iOS and Android (charged separately). We custom brand it to reflect your corporate identity, and your corporate travelers can then download it from the App Store and Google Play. 

Besides searching and booking flights, hotels and rail, corporate travelers can enjoy most TripGate features on the go.

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