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Up! corporate travel.

Empower your business clients to seamlessly book flights, hotels, and rail—all in one place.

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Smart Spending with Travel Policies

Guide your business clients with travel policies, cost centers, and automated checks, ensuring they manage expenses efficiently.


With TripGate's focus on the most cost-effective fares, travelers are nudged towards the best-priced options that align with their guidelines. The top choice? Clearly marked in the search results.

Streamlined Approvals

Empower your business clients with confidence. With TripGate, they'll know their teams are traveling in line with set corporate guidelines. Our advanced approval system ensures travelers pick options that fit their policy. And if they step outside the bounds? A quick notification to their manager, who can approve or decline with just a tap.

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Cost Centers Made Simple

Up! your management game. With TripGate, effortlessly define payment methods, assign managers, and set travel guidelines all under one roof.

Effortless User Management

Easily administer users and roles. Uploading profiles via Excel makes setup a breeze.

Morning Rush Hour

Always On, Always Ready

Empower your corporate clients with self-service booking, anytime and anywhere. Automated and standardized processes mean faster bookings, around the clock.

Bookings for Everyone

Travel arrangers have the flexibility to create guest profiles. This feature is perfect for accommodating external contractors or family members traveling on the company's tab.

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Tailored Regions

For corporations spanning multiple areas, customize countries for each specific region. This customization is crucial for travel policies, allowing you to cap ticket prices between regions. Plus, every company can define countries based on their unique regional considerations.

Flexible Payment Options

Credit cards offer a seamless payment experience for both agencies and travelers. TripGate is integrated with over 30 payment gateways, and we're continually expanding. If you don't find your preferred gateway, we can add it just for you.

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Maximize Revenue with MultiPCC

Operating across multiple markets or have affiliate partners? Connect all your Travelport+ PCCs to TripGate. By pooling offers from diverse sources, you enhance your chances of presenting the most competitive prices and boosting ticket sales.

Tailored Reporting, Your Way

With TripGate, data integration is seamless. Whether you're pulling insights directly or sending data to internal apps via our API, it's straightforward. Specify your reporting needs, from passenger counts to cost comparisons, and we'll craft a unique report for each corporate entity. Then, watch as TripGate auto-populates and dispatches it to your chosen email or FTP server.

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Seamless Across Devices

Whether on a desktop or on the go with a smartphone, TripGate ensures a smooth and delightful experience for your corporate travelers.


Go Native with TripGate Mobile

Favor native apps? TripGate Mobile shines on both iOS and Android (billed separately). Tailored to mirror your brand, corporate travelers can easily fetch it from the App Store or Google Play.

Beyond just flight, hotel, and rail bookings, they'll experience the full suite of TripGate features, wherever they are.

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