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What can TMCs do to attract and retain clients while driving revenue growth?

Dear customers, dear partners,

in a changing landscape, with 68% of travelers booking more than half their trips using non-approved channels, TMCs need to take action.

New infographic created by Travelport, our main technology partner, provides industry insights into what your corporate customers are looking for and tips on how TMCs can make their content work better for clients and agency, at every touchpoint.

Today's business travelers are changing – is your content keeping up?

The disparity between what corporate customers want and what TMCs can offer is challenging the traditional TMC business model.

To attract and retain customers, TMCs need to be agile in the way that they manage content.

But how?

Get Travelport's latest guide to discover:

  • How to get your hands on the content today's business travelers are looking for

  • Strategies for boosting in-policy bookings and exceeding SLAs

  • How to make it easier for your team to sell air, hotel and car

Visit Travelport's TMC campaign hub to get more useful information and tons of inspiration, such as case studie, a blog and webinars.

Inspired? Are you looking for a corporate booking tool that can help you grow your TMC business? Check out our TripGate.

Any questions, feedback, comments? Let us know at

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