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CEE helps. Need to work in your GDS from home? Use GalileoTerminal free for 3 months! 🎁

GalileoTerminal free for 3 months

Travelport Galileo and Apollo anytime, anywhere.

Stay connected to your GDS on a PC, laptop or tablet.

During these challenging times, also travel agents across the world need to increasingly work from home. Following the give-away of GEM & GRM and CEE Repricer last week (learn more), we have decided to extend the offer also for GalileoTerminal. Any new access is now free for 3 months.

Order by 31 March 2020 here. If your country is not listed in the Sign up form, please contact your local Travelport Account Manager who has GT Country Admin rights and can create the access for you.


It comes with a bunch of features

to make your life easier

Here's a quick overview:

Multi-line availability

You can display available RBDs in up to 3 lines. Just use commands 2A or 3A instead of just A, or change the default number of lines in Settings.

Response capture

GalileoTerminal offers the option to grab multi-page host response automatically. The complete text is displayed in a modal window waiting for your further action (Print, Copy to clipboard). You can initiate the response capture by clicking the blue icon with down-arrow in the terminal header.

Auto-paging command (MDD)

GalileoTerminal supports a unique MDD (ie. move deep down) command which collects all follow-on response pages automatically and displays complete host response in the terminal window. You can thus scroll through it easily. It's useful when you need to quickly navigate through help pages, fare rules, passenger lists, activity reports etc.

Password reset

It's so easy to reset your password, and get back your access. Just click the lost password? link on the login page.

Credit limit – Deduct credit assigned to agent

Agency Admins can deduct credit previously assigned to a specific agent. Just enter a negative value (eg. -2000) and click the same button that you use to add credit.


Our team works as usual and is ready to assist with any questions and to continue supporting your business. Keep safe, friends. Your CEE Travel Systems team


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