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New CEE Itinerary is here!

Instantly create graphical itineraries and send them via email.

A Smartpoint plugin, free of charge.

Please note that from 1 Jun 2020, older versions of CEE Itinerary will no longer be supported and will stop working. Always kindly use the most up-to-date version which you can download here.

CO2 emmissions

More and more people are considering environmental impact of their behavior. To be in line with this tendency Itinerary shows CO2 emissions for booked flights. Please remember that there is “Template_Itin_Options_With_CO2” that you can use just to suggest your customer available travel options. The booking does not need to be finished, names does not need to be entered. Just segments have to be booked.


Booking class Many of you have asked us to make the booking class info optional. We hear you. It has been now since the latest version.


Car segments

Details on car segments are now richer:

  • The Reference label is now Confirmation Number. The value shows a voucher ID, if it is available.

  • We've added Special Equipment information (navigation, winter tires, baby seat etc.).

  • We've added driver's name.

Fare details

The Fare info is now enriched with tax details and the currency equivalent. Both elements are optional and you can display or hide them through check boxes in the header.


Version check and update

Starting with this version, you'll always be notified when a new version is available for download. You'll get a heads-up in the top right corner of your CEE Itinerary window:


Ticket issue date

The SSR TKNE section now shows the ticket issue date.


Passive hotels

Passive hotels are now supported by CEE Itinerary!


We've done several other fewer adjustments and fixed a few bugs to make your experience with CEE Itinerary even smoother. To name at least one – the SMTP server with Self-Signed certificate is now supported.


Enjoy the brand new version of CEE Itinerary – our treat. Any questions, praise, feedback, comments? Let us know at Your CEE Travel Systems


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