GOL IBE – End of HTTP and gol.idc.cz

Dear GOL IBE users, please pay attention to the following two changes that will affect GOL IBE from 30 April 2018. There are actions required which, if neglected, may have a negative impact on your GOL IBE. Please do not wait until 30 April to implement these changes, they can be done immediately. 1. GOL IBE will be switched in all steps of searching and booking exclusively to the secured site – HTTPS. The classic HTTP will no longer be supported. This is not our whim :) We have to follow the trends. Websites all over the world gradually switch to their encrypted version. Starting this summer, Chrome is going to mark all unencrypted pages as unsecured, and their Google ranking will become worse. What does this mean for you?

  • We will deploy the Let's Encrypt certificate for you automatically. You don’t need to worry about it, nor pay for anything.

  • Browse your site and edit the insertion of the flight search form and all the links to GOL IBE so that they’re not directed to http://xxx.golibe.com but to https://xxx.golibe.com (where xxx is the specific name of your GOL IBE).

  • If GOL IBE downloads some images during the booking steps directly from you (headers, footers, images and texts for the waiting page, etc.), they need to be downloaded from the HTTPS site. Alternatively, you can send us these files and we’ll store them on our HTTPS server.

2. The old domain gol.idc.cz ends, and only the domain golibe.com will remain functional. As we have advised several times in the past, the old domain gol.idc.cz will no longer work, and only the domain golibe.com will remain functional. What does this mean for you?

  • If you redirect from your site to xxx.gol.idc.com, this connection will stop working. We recommend that you browse your site and make sure that you no longer redirect to the old domain gol.idc.com, and correct any findings by redirecting to the current domain golibe.com. Please keep in mind that old links may include the search form, lists of special offers, links to specific search results, and so on.

Please note that these changes must be completed on your side by 30 April 2018 at the latest. However, we strongly recommend that you complete them immediately and do not wait for the deadline. Any questions? We're one email away at gol_support@cee-systems.com. Thank you, Your CEE Travel Systems team


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