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Travelport+ anytime, anywhere.

Stay connected to your GDS on your PC, laptop, iPad and Android tablet.

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Your GDS and much more

With GalileoTerminal, your Travelport+ is just a login away. Your customers will love that you can help them anytime, anywhere.


GalileoTerminal is web-based. So whether you have on hand a PC, laptop, iPad or Android tablet, just go to and log in.

GalileoTerminal speaks your language

GalileoTerminal supports English, Czech, French, Spanish, German, Russian, traditional and simplified Chinese.

Do you need more languages? Let us know.

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Your GDS as you know it

All the familiar cryptic entries. Multiple windows in different colours and sizes. Scrollable history within each terminal window. Shortcuts. Calendar. It's all there.


Check the status of tickets issued through GalileoTerminal, but also through your Travelport Desktop and Smartpoint. Really handy when it comes to refunding unused tickets.


Customizable itinerary

Take your customers service to an even higher level. After you create a booking, build an itinerary easily by one click or tap, customize the look and send it to your client.

DOCx Assistant

Adding passport and VISA details into the PNR has never been easier. Enter DOCx, choose which SSR element you need and fill everything in the form. No more typos in the long cryptic entries.


Send itineraries and e-tickets via SMS right from GalileoTerminal. You can edit and send SMS from the terminal window or through the graphical user interface. 

Sales reports

This is something for agency owners and managers. Monitor your agency's sales on daily weekly and monthly basis, including details like which agent issued how many tickets, for what carriers, including the total fare and tax break-downs. Filter the results based on all these parameters.

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Your GDS anytime, anywhere.


  • 1-month free trial

  • Differs by market

  • Contact us for more details

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