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Trip Manager API

Ancillary services for booked air tickets. Get more money for sold tickets. Give more and richer options to your customers.

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What is it?

Trip Manager API is a universal programming tool that allows you to add the Trip Manager feature to your application, and thus increase the value of the shopping cart, increase the revenue for the travel agency. Passengers are willing to spend money for ancillaries. Instead of calling to the travel agency or sending an email, they can comfortably check online what ancillaries are available for their PNR, and purchase them.

The biggest added value of Trip Manager API is the certification of services.

Certification of services

The certification means that we check each and every service available in Travelport Galileo, we try to book it and issue an EMD, we translate its descriptions into supported languages. We compare the information received from Travelport Galileo with the carrier’s website, and enrich the results with more details, such as descriptions of meals, baggage allowance, special sports equipment, how it should be packed, transported etc. We add images. We normalize all this data, it means that we take the textual information and put it into a parsible format. We keep detecting any changes in already certified services.

This means a huge value for you because our team does all that, and you don't have to.

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Is it for you?

Are you an OTA or TMC and you have programmers on your team? Or are you a developer?

If you're developing your own online booking tool or other travel related apps, and you want to increase your revenue by allowing passengers purchase ancillary services via you, you need Trip Manager API.

Trip Manager API and Trip Manager DB

You can take advantage of two things:

  • Trip Manager API itself.

  • Trip Manager DB. This is a database of all the services that have gone through the certification process described above. A major time-saver and added value for your development.

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What can you build with Trip Manager API?

Imagine this. You have a website with a "MyBooking" section or a user profile section. Just integrate the Trip Manager feature via the API. Your passengers can then log in to the user section, see their purchased tickets and at the same time they'll see what ancillaries they can buy.



  • Transaction-based

  • You add your mark-up

  • Monthly fee: USD 500
    (includes 100k transactions)

  • Transaction fee: USD 0.005
    (charged once included 100k transactions per month are exceeded)

  • Pricing applies for L2B ratio of max. 500:1. If higher, fees are subject to individual discussion.


Trip Manager API
Ancillary services for booked air tickets.

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