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Trip Manager

Ancillary services for booked air tickets. Get more money for the sold tickets. Give more and richer options to your customers.

Earn more from each ticket sale

Nowadays passengers are more and more willing to spend their money for ancillary services. Recommend them to visit It is connected to your Travelport+ PCC. Give them the possibility to buy ancillary services from you whenever between the purchase of the ticket and departure. 

Post-booking services done better

Are you sure that your travel agents can offer all the available services offered by the carrier for the ticket? Can you explain the service in detail? And if so, are your customers always decided to purchase it right away? Give them the option to think it over and to purchase the service when they want to.

Working from Home

Features in a nutshell

  • Customers have the option to choose a service whenever after they purchase the air ticket

  • Aggregated services from Travelport+

  • Localized descriptions of services with a wide range of pictures

  • Mobile responsive

  • Service is billed without your manual assistance

  • Possibility to add your mark-up

  • The service is added to the air ticket that you’ve issued


Which ancillary services can your passengers buy through Trip Manager?

  • Additional checked-in luggage

  • Checked-in sports equipment

  • Wi-Fi

  • Onboard refreshment

  • Preferred seat

  • Access to airport VIP lounges

  • Priority check-in and boarding (Fast Track)

  • Automatic check-in

Ancillary services
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Your opportunity

Your opportunity

Passengers focus on their journey 48 hours before their scheduled departure. This is a window of considerable opportunity for you when you can offer ancillary services to them. A research on customer behaviour shows that up to 30% of passengers buy an ancillary service, if it is offered to them within 48 hours before their departure.

Are you now allowing your customers to buy ancillary services for their tickets? See a demo to find out how you can, with Trip Manager.

How much you can earn


Trip Manager is free of charge. Now that we have that out of the way, let's take a look at how much it can earn you. You can add a service fee – a fixed amount, a percentage or both. We also add ours.

Imagine your agency produces 100 000 segments per year. Let's consider that for each 5 % of tickets, passengers buy an ancillary service (the attachment rate), and the average price of an ancillary service is around USD 20. Your mark-up is 10 % in our example. That equals USD 20 000 every year of your total revenue just for ancillary services. On top of that, you save more than 3 weeks of manpower because passengers book by themselves.

Earn more
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  • Free of charge

  • You add your mark-up

Trip Manager

Start selling more ancillary services.

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