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We've Up!ped SmartAgent and Go-Link for You


Expanding Horizons


What’s New: SmartAgent now supports Simplified Chinese through AI auto-translation. This new approach makes it easier for future localisations into other languages.


How it Helps You: With this update, SmartAgent becomes accessible to a broader audience, breaking down language barriers and enhancing user experience globally.


Enhanced User Management


What’s New: Subagents menu for consolidators. Consolidators can now attach, manage, and verify subagent accounts with ease. Features include PCC verification, account lock/unlock, and record deletion.


How it Helps You: This feature provides greater control and flexibility in managing subagent accounts, ensuring smoother operations and security.


Fortified Security


What’s New: Enhance your SmartAgent security with optional Google Authenticator verification. This feature adds an extra layer of security through unique codes generated on your smartphone.


How it Helps You: Boost your account security and protect sensitive information with an additional verification step, making unauthorized access nearly impossible.


Seamless Currency Handling

What’s New: Default to USD or EUR for bookings created via the New Booking page. This update is tailored for markets where BSP accepts dual currencies.


How it Helps You: Simplify your booking process by automatically using the most relevant currency, reducing conversion errors and improving financial accuracy.


Low-Cost Carrier Integration

What’s New: Access fares from Low-Cost Carriers through Travelfusion, now integrated into SmartAgent alongside traditional Travelport+ options.


How it Helps You: Expand your booking options and offer more competitive pricing by including low-cost carrier fares in your searches.


Optimized for Mobile

What’s New: Experience enhanced navigation and usability with the latest updates to SmartAgent’s mobile interface.


How it Helps You: Enjoy a seamless and comfortable user experience on-the-go, making it easier to manage bookings from your mobile device.



NDC Content Precision


What’s New: Go-Link now supports specific and non-standard MIR file structures for NDC content tickets, including OB tax calculations in the total ticket amount.


How it Helps You: Enhance the accuracy of your NDC ticketing and ensure all cost components are correctly reflected, providing clear and precise ticket information.

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