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📣 Check out what's new in March 2022 🔥

What's new in March 2022

Exciting updates in GOL IBE, GOL Mobile, GOL API, TripGate, Price Checker API, Commission Manager and Trip Manager.

Offer rich content. Inspire and engage your customers. Increase revenue and save costs.

Sending notifications with vendor remarks

Where? In GOL IBE, GOL Mobile, GOL API and TripGate. What's new? It is now possible to set up notifications with the option to send it to the agent, dealer, traveler or booking with a Vendor remark from Travelport+.

How does that help me? Anyone who uses GOL IBE as a B2B booking tool will receive information about changes made by the carrier in the booking.


Offer even richer search results

Where? In Price Checker API. What's new? Enrich your application’s data with results obtained from Flight Watchdog API. Get access to the data either through our Price Checker API or through downloadable data. How does that help me? Imagine that you need to find out the prices of flights from Vienna to Prague every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, for two months and a length of stay 5, 10, and 14 days. Just enter the parameters into the Flight Watchdog batch, and FW then starts checking the availability and prices for your entry every day. It stores all search results in the Price Checker database. Then you'll get the result data via API and verify the availability and price for specific days. You will get the cheapest price for the defined period as well. Moreover, you can monitor the price development for a given day and city-pair.

German language version added

Where? In GOL IBE, GOL Mobile and TripGate. What's new? Na ja, all three tools now also support German.

How does that help me? More convenience for your German-speaking travelers.


OSI reservation remarks

Where? In GOL IBE, GOL Mobile, GOL API and TripGate. What's new? If you navigate to Supporting texts and Reservation remarks in GOL IBE Admin Console, you can add a note where you define the right dealer (company) and Travelport+ remark (OSI.). In the freetext field below, you can write what you need to insert. The format is carrier@text, eg. for SI.OK*FBA123123123 it would be OK@ FBA123123123.

How does that help me? This is very useful for example when you need to meet requirements of big companies that have company loyalty programs and need to send details to carriers through bookings.


Ticketing settings after approval by manager

Where? In TripGate. What's new? For corporate users, it is now possible to specify what should happen with the booking after it is approved by the manager – whether to issue the ticket, or to leave ticketing to operators. It is possible to specify the settings for individual data sources: Travelport+ (Galileo), NDC and TF low-costs.

How does that help me? This new feature allows you to adapt processes based on the requirements of corporate customers for different types of tickets.


Manage all your airline commissions in one place

Where? In Commission Manager. What's new? We are excited to share our brand new animated explainer with you.

How does that help me? How about managing all your airline commissions in one place? And then just adding them to PNRs with one click? No more ADMs, no more lost revenue. Learn in less than 2 min how Commission Manager can help you with that.

Trip Manager parle français

Where? In Trip Manager. What's new? Et voilà, Trip Manager newly supports also French. All pages and the whole booking process are translated. Detailed descriptions of individual services remain in English. More languages to come.

How does that help me? More convenience for your French-speaking travelers.


New explainer – Smartpoint plugin

Where? In Trip Manager. What's new? We are excited to share this new explainer with you. Did you know that Trip Manager also offers a plugin for your Travelport Smartpoint? If you as a travel agent need to purchase ancillaries on behalf of your customer, save time and open Trip Manager directly from there.

How does that help me? See how easy it is to combine Travelport Smartpoint and Trip Manager in your daily workflow.


Privacy policy update

Where? For all CEE products and services. What's new? Please note that we have updated our privacy policy. How does that help me? Your customers' data is safe with us.


Any questions or feedback? Just let us know at

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