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📣 Check out what's new in September 2021 🔥

What's new in September 2021

Exciting updates in Trip Manager, GOL IBE, GOL Mobile, GOL API and CEE Itinerary.

Increase revenue and save costs.

Improved DOCS information requirements

Where? In Trip Manager, GOL IBE, GOL Mobile and GOL API. What's new? Now you can define destinations and airlines where passport details are required, and where only the date of birth will suffice.

How does that help me? You don't want to overload your travellers with too many forms and too much clicking. Ask them only for the details you really need. Less hassle for your customers, higher conversion for you.


So many new things in your favourite itinerary tool

Where? In CEE Itinerary. What's new? With CEE Itinerary's growing popularity, we definitely don't rest on our laurels. Our team has deployed quite a bit of new exciting features:

  • If you send itineraries via Outlook, just click on the PREVIEW / EDIT button and see how the itinerary will look like before you dispatch it.

  • Do you also love Travelport's latest brand? Enjoy the new Travelport template.

  • CEE Itinerary is pretty smart. If the filed fare is not in the PNR, it takes the baggage allowance details from the ticket record.

And then there is of course a number of things that you cannot really see, nevertheless they make your everyday work with CEE Itinerary smoother and better:

  • We have enhanced the way how CEE Itinerary handles ticket issuance dates retrieved from filed fares.

  • Trip Manager REQ - we have fixed the bug in carrier code list parsing.

  • We have enhanced the logic in passenger name comparison when ticket number is retrieved from SSR TKNE.

How does that help me? Those of you who use Outlook can now modify the content of the email body before sending the itinerary to your travellers. Just click on the PREVIEW / EDIT button first:

Then easily edit the draft before sending the email:

More precise baggage allowance details. Better handling of travellers with longer names. A new template in the latest Travelport brand.


Any questions or feedback? Just let us know at

Your CEE Travel Systems team


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