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📣 Check out what's new in September 2022 🔥

What's new in September 2022

Exciting updates in Trip Manager, Go-Link, GalileoTerminal, FQP Assistant and TCP Exchange.

Inspire and engage your customers.

Increase revenue and save costs. Brand new tutorials.

Trip Manager speaks Bulgarian

Where? In Trip Manager.

What's new? Trip Manager newly supports also Bulgarian. All pages and the whole booking process are translated. Detailed descriptions of individual services remain in English. More languages to come.

How does that help me? More convenience for your Bulgarian speaking travelers.

Keep a clear track of your travel business Where? In Go-Link. What's new? We are excited to share our brand new animated explainer with you.

How does that help me? Are you a travel agency owner or manager? View, monitor and generate reports on e-tickets and EMDs through our online stats platform.


Hide selected SSR codes from the itinerary Where? In GalileoTerminal. What's new? If you go to Itinerary - Options in GalileoTerminal, you can now list SSR codes that should not be displayed on the traveler itineraries. You can even enter multiple SSR codes separated with commas.

How does that help me? Your traveler itineraries can be simpler and even easier to read because they don't have to show redundant information.


Get Fare calculations without a PNR Where? In FQP Assistant. What's new? Did you know that you can get a Fare calculation without creating a PNR? Now you can thanks to FQP Assistant. Our Smartpoint plugin is free of charge and you can download it from the product site.

How does that help me? Save time and get Fare calculations quickly without creating a PNR. This comes handy especially now during the ending pandemic when ticket exchanges are subject to special and non-standard instructions by individual airlines, such as to make exchanges within the two-year validity of the ticket. FQP Assistant is also very useful in combination with TCP Exchange.


EMD receipts sent via email using TO emails in the PNR Where? In TCP Exchange. What's new? TCP Exchange now automatically selects the "TO" email address added in the EM field of the PNR. Email addresses marked as "FROM" cannot be selected as the recipient email.

How does that help me? You save time. EMD receipts can be sent more quickly. You don't need to insert the recipient email because TCP does that automatically by picking the "TO" address from the EM element in the PNR.

Brand new tutorials Our series of quick tutorials continues. You can look forward to them also in the following newsletters. Learn a new thing with each tutorial and get more out of your CEE tools. This month, let's take a look at how to set up the notification sender through the Admin Console.

How can you make sure that you receive a copy of all notifications sent out by your booking tool?


Any questions or feedback? Just let us know at

Your CEE Travel Systems team


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