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๐Ÿ“ฃ Check out what's new in April 2023 ๐Ÿ”ฅ

What's new in April 2023

Exciting updates in TripGate, GOL IBE, their mobile apps, TCP Exchange, SmartAgent and Go-Link. Offer rich content. Increase revenue & save costs.

Brand new tutorials.

LCC branded fares

What's new? You can see more fare options from low-cost carriers. All brands are displayed at once and you simply switch between them. Each brand shows the baggage information. In case of TripGate & TripGate Mobile, it is clearly indicated whether the trip does or does not comply with the travel policy rules.

How does that help me? Your travelers, both corporate and leisure, can now choose from alternative brand offers also when booking low-cost carriers.

Dashboard for your corporate booking tool

What's new? We are introducing a brand new dashboard in TripGate. At first glance, you can check your CBTโ€™s overall status of the crucial settings affecting the application's ability to process bookings and more:

  • A clear indication of conflicting or incomplete setup.

  • Additional indicators and labels within affected modules.

  • Guided approach on how to fix an issue.

The dashboard also includes an overview of bookings. You get an instant view of expenses and the number of bookings.

How does that help me? You get a quick access to key indicators of your corporate booking toolโ€™s performance. All information vital for agency and corporate admins is always available and visible.


Baggage difference in new Fare highlighted

Where? In TCP Exchange.

What's new? TCP Exchange highlights any baggage change in FQ, if the new baggage allowance is lower.

How does that help me? You are warned about any baggage change right after a new FQ is calculated. This saves you time and money. If your customer is not happy with the decreased baggage allowance, TCP Exchange helps you find another option.


Remarks added to refunds

Where? In TCP Exchange.

What's new? Newly added Remarks allow you to include information that should be transmitted to the carrier. Previously only MIR remarks could be added, however they are not sent to the airline.

How does that help me? You can quickly and easily send the necessary details to the carrier without distracting yourself from the refund procedure.


Pre-defined custom commands

Where? In SmartAgent.

What's new? As a Consolidator, you can define various Travelport+ commands for every subagent in order to add a specific ID per user, Back-office remarks, to send PNRs to selected Queues, to add individual Custom Check rules etc. The number of commands is unlimited and you can add, modify and delete them anytime as needed to fit your business workflow.

How does that help me? Predefined custom GDS commands save your time big time.


Go-Link access and API for partners

Where? In Go-Link.

What's new? You as an IATA can provide access to Go-Link and its API to your B2C and B2B customers. A customized login can be created for them to view only their own tickets, and your partners can even use Go-Link API to download information to their back office.

Your Go-Link view โ€“ all documents

Your B2B partnerโ€™s view โ€“ only their documents

How does that help me? Go-Link offers you a better way to share data with your customers and partners.

Brand new tutorials Our series of quick tutorials continues. You can look forward to them also in the following newsletters. Learn a new thing with each tutorial and get more out of your CEE tools. This month, let's take a look at how to set up default dates for departure and return.

How to insert GTID printers for automated e-ticketing?


Any questions or feedback? Just let us know at

Your CEE Travel Systems team


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