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Do you make the most of the LCC content? 🤔

Low-cost carriers have become increasingly popular, especially during the pandemic when travelers were even more careful about their spending. Covid put a lot of stress on legacy and low-cost carriers, however as an example of the trend, looking at easyJet's

pre-pandemic 2019 Annual Report, the carrier increased the number of passengers flown by 8.6 %to 96.1 million compared to the previous year¹. That's just one airline. And the increase in popularity and bookings did not stop then.

The travel market is very competitive. Customers require an added value. They expect you to offer richer options.

GOL IBE and TripGate along with their native mobile apps are powered by Travelport+ and Travelfusion. So your customers can book flights with legacy and low-cost carriers, and also NDC options from all over the world.


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