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📣 Check out what's new in November 2021 🔥

What's new in November 2021

Exciting updates in Trip Manager and TripGate.

Inspire and engage your customers. Increase revenue and save costs.

Why start earning with Trip Manager

Where? In Trip Manager. What's new? At last, we're excited to share with you Trip Manager's brand new animated explainer. Enjoy.

How does that help me? If you're a travel agency, learn just in 2,5 min why you should start earning with Trip Manager and how easy it is. And not only for your travelers. Your agents can enjoy selling ancillaries via a graphical user interface, rather than cryptic entries in the host. If you're a Travelport team member, this short video can help you quickly explain benefits of Trip Manager to your local travel agencies.

Watch this short explainer to learn why start earning with Trip Manager.


Sell ancillaries from Etihad Airways, Korean Air and Qantas

Where? In Trip Manager. What's new? Our team keeps certifying more and more new ancillary services from different airlines. The most recently added are Etihad Airways (EY), Korean Air (KE) and Qantas (QF).

How does that help me? Your customers get an even broader variety of ancillaries that they can purchase for air tickets booked via your travel agency. You can check details of supported services here.

Personal and Cost Center budgeting

Where? In TripGate. What's new? We couldn't wait to share this new major feature with you. In detail, TripGate now offers the following:

  • Personal budget setup per traveler.

  • Budget setup per cost center.

  • Both budgets can be combined together and also along with other travel policy rules.

  • Budget expiration date (calendar setup).

  • Budgets become a part of travel policy assessment clearly visible and displayed on D4.

  • Budgets are now considered as a travel policy parameter.

How does that help me? Thanks to this expanded travel policy functionality, your corporate customers can now set up a budget per trip, and also eg. per year and per traveler.


Any questions or feedback? Just let us know at

Your CEE Travel Systems team


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