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📣 Check out what's new in Mar 2021 🔥

📣 What's new in March 2021! 🔥

Exciting updates in SmartAgent and Trawys. Increase revenue and save costs. Inspire and engage your customers.

Subagents, register just one PCC but open PNRs from all your PCCs

Where? In SmartAgent.

What's new? If subagents work with PNRs from several different PCCs, it is possible now to open all these PNRs in SmartAgent's interface, even if just one of subagent’s PCCs is registered in SmartAgent. To open such PNRs, subagents need to add a specific NP command to the booking in the terminal mode.

Previously, opening PNRs was restricted, if the booking's PCC was not registered in SmartAgent.

How does that help me? This new feature brings more flexibility to subagents. Because they don't need to register all their PCCs, they save time.

Sell ancillaries from Croatia Airlines, Fiji Airways, Norwegian Air Shuttle and Royal Brunei Airlines

Where? In Trawys. What's new? Our team keeps certifying more and more new ancillary services from different airlines. The most recently added are Croatia Airlines (OU), Fiji Airways (FJ), Norwegian Air Shuttle (DY) and Royal Brunei Airlines (BI).

How does that help me? Your customers get an ever broader variety of ancillaries that they can purchase for air tickets booked via your agency. You can check details of supported services here.


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