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Are you having a hard time finding travel agents for your team?

Having a hard time finding travel agents for your team?

We keep hearing from travel agencies around the world that their business is slowly but surely starting to pick up (yeay!) but because their travel agents decided to leave (or had to be laid off) at the beginning of the covid crisis, it's tough now to get them back.

As a result, you finally may start receiving more business but there's not enough hands to handle the requests. This situation is similar in most countries. To keep your customer service on the same or better level of quality, you need to find a way to meet your customers' expectations. Yes, we do have a solution for you!

Watch this 2-min explainer to learn more.

Any why TripGate?

  • Rich content

  • Desktop and mobile, native app (book anytime, anywhere)

  • Expense management

  • Profile management

  • Risk management

  • Travel alerts

  • High-risk countries

  • Business travel policy

  • Speedy approvals

  • Duty of care (travel information)

  • Support

Don't want to change the way you work now?

Yeah, we can relate to that. Nobody does really. Right? One of the bright sides of covid is it forced us to take advantage of technology more than before. And even in areas where we were fine doing things manually. So let's ride this wave a little longer and let's change also the way we handle requests from our corporate travelers. Let us help you keep the quality of your customer service and even make it better than it was before covid.

Discover TripGate live

Register today and join us for the global live session.

This won't be just another regular webinar. We never stopped improving TripGate and our other tools. There's a lot of new features and enhancements we have in store for all of you. See for yourself. Join us.


Any questions or feedback? Just let us know at

Your CEE Travel Systems team


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