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Discover TCP Exchange – the new generation of GEM & GRM

Discover TCP Exchange

Join the global live webinar. Register today. Explore why TCP Exchange is even better than GEM & GRM.

Do not install Win 11 yet

Important, please read. One of the main reasons for gradual migration of all GEM & GRM users to TCP Exchange is Windows 11. As you may know, GEM & GRM require Active X components and Internet Explorer to work. And those are not supported in Windows 11 anymore. Do you now use GEM & GRM? To make sure they keep functioning properly before they are sunsetted and before you switch to TCP Exchange, we highly recommend that you do not install Windows 11 yet.

Why is TCP Exchange even better?

  • Both exchanges and refunds in a unified graphical user interface.

  • Fully web-based modern design.

  • No installation needed. Imagine exchanging or refunding tickets on your smartphone, anytime and anywhere.

  • Less steps, quicker exchange process.

  • New segments bookable directly in TCP.

  • Automatic penalty recalculation into NUC.

  • Refund/compensation of unused taxes.

  • Support of issue and void.

When will GEM & GRM be sunsetted?

To make sure that you have enough time to switch to TCP Exchange and get familiar with it properly, GEM & GRM are planned to be sunsetted on 5 Sep 2022.

What happens between now and the sunset?

We will be encouraging you to switch to TCP Exchange as soon as possible. And no worries, we've got you covered. Let's start with the live introduction webinar where we'll show you TCP Exchange in more detail. Please register for your preferred time through one of the buttons below. And if you can't wait and you want to learn about TCP Exchange already now, explore the user guide and tutorials. From 1 Jul 2022, customers interested in GEM & GRM will be able to order TCP Exchange only. As we already receive questions on when TCP Exchange will be available, please note that if you want to be amongst early adopters, you can start ordering TCP Exchange already 1 month earlier, ie. from 1 Jun 2022. If you are already subscribed to GEM & GRM, your current subscription remains valid and you can parallelly start using TCP Exchange free of charge. If you don't have a GEM & GRM subscription and you'd like to start using TCP Exchange only, you just need to purchase a GEM & GRM subscription. From 6 Sep 2022 (ie. after GEM & GRM are sunsetted), a new pricing model for TCP Exchange will be introduced. You can find the pricing structure at the bottom of the product site.

Discover TCP Exchange

Join the global live webinar. Register today. Explore why TCP Exchange is even better than GEM & GRM.


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