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We are updating the GOL IBE and GOL Mobile PNR fee

GOL IBE & GOL Mobile

Travelport+ ticketed PNR fee

We keep finding ways how to make GOL IBE and GOL Mobile even more attractive for you, and how to help you grow your online travel business. Not just by enhancing your online booking tool and mobile app all the time, that goes without saying. But also in terms of your product costs, or investment as we like to look at it.

Therefore, we are updating the fee per Travelport+ ticketed PNR created through GOL IBE and GOL Mobile. Instead of tiering the fee based on monthly volumes, each GOL IBE plan now offers its own fee as follows:

  1. GOL IBE Standard: $ 1.39

  2. GOL IBE Enhanced: $ 1.19

  3. GOL IBE Enterprise: $ 0.99

In other words, the new pricing does not affect a vast majority of Standard users because the default fee remains the same. On the contrary, it is more advantageous for Enhanced and Enterprise users and may motivate you to upgrade for a lower fee.

All other fees remain the same. Please check the GOL IBE pricing and GOL Mobile pricing for more details.


Any questions or feedback? Just let us know at

Your CEE Travel Systems team


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