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GalileoTerminal News

Enhancements for even better security. Additional option in DOCx assistant. A brand new online help window.

Dear clients, dear partners, please note that we've recently delivered the following system enhancements in GT. We've focused on two major changes in regard to the increasing importance of security.

  1. Content Security Policy standard applied on the site. We have informed about the same here.

  2. A unique email address for each GT account. As you may have noticed, every GT account has to have a unique email address assigned (training accounts are excluded).

DOCx assistant We have added a fourth option to the DOCx assistant to follow Smartpoint’s Customer Information Security feature. Please use this link to refresh your knowledge from the updated GalileoTerminal user guide. Help pop-up window There is a new icon in the top-right corner (the one with the question mark) that opens a pop-up window with useful information - the link to the GT user guide and a phone and email contact of your local Travelport representative or email of our global GT support. You always know whom to ask for assistance if needed. More enhancements are coming soon. If you have any comments, questions or thoughts on GalileoTerminal, we're one email away at Thank you, Your friends at CEE Travel Systems


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