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Traveler personas for OTAs

30 October: Traveler personas for OTAs – a look at booking patterns, behaviors, and habits to improve your targeting and drive loyalty.

Join a 30-minute webinar on October 30, where Travelport will be presenting the results of their latest research: traveler personas for OTAs and how to target them.

You'll look at:

  • Findings from Travelport's analysis of over a billion GDS travel booking signals

  • An overview of six traveler personas, their booking patterns, and travel habits

  • Sample engagement plans you can use to build customer loyalty across the tri

Save your seat

As a part of the campaign, Travelport has also published a brand new 55-page eBook that combines these insights and our research with over 3,000 travelers.

When it comes to customer targeting, it’s all about knowing your audience. Travelport's brand new infographic will help you get quickly familiar with the 6 traveler personas.

You can also download all support materials conveniently in the campaign hub.

Still not selling travel content to your customers online? Check out GOL IBE (our online booking tool) and TripGate (our corporate booking tool) that can help you get started in no time.

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