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New awesome features in CEE Itinerary (which is for free btw.)

Dear customers, dear partners, we’re bringing you several new and very useful features in CEE Itinerary. You can download it here and use it totally free of charge 😉 New languages added Itinerary now supports also German, Italian and simplified Chinese. We've prepared templates that you can reuse for your own customers. Take a look at the Chinese one, for instance. affiliate programme If your agency cooperates with as an affiliate partner, you can use your credentials and enrich the Itinerary with a link to hotel offers for relevant destinations and travel dates. By clicking on this link, customers will land on your branded affiliate site with pre-filtered content. Link to airline baggage policy site It's displayed for every flight now. Btw. talking about baggage, you must learn more about Trawys. Trawys link

This is really hot news!

We've recently finished our brand new solution for the post-booking sale of airline ancillary services.

Paid seats, meals and baggage can be booked and paid by the passenger directly through Your only task is to collect your commissions 😊

Itinerary shows the link to this site when: 1. the service is available for a given routing, 2. your agency signed a contract and agreed to a commission level with us.

If you wish to learn more about Trawys, just let us know. New email sending options The email settings are much easier for you now. Just one click to set up Gmail. Just one click to set up your local Outlook client. Date format Do your customers prefer the format 28.10.1918, or 10/28/1918? Set up their preference in the Itinerary settings. Settings stored for each Windows user The CEE Itinerary settings are now stored in each user's folder. You will always get your settings, even if you share the PC with your colleagues. Flights as calendar events CEE Itinerary now also sends individual flights as events that your passengers can easily add to their calendars.

Any questions, feedback, comments? Let us know at

Your CEE Travel Systems team

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