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NDC supported, new commissions and discounts, 23 languages.

Dear customers, dear partners, we’re bringing you exciting news from our GOL IBE laboratory. NDC - sell through a direct connection to airlines

GOL IBE newly supports the direct connection to carriers through the IATA NDC standard. If you have an agreement with an airline for a direct connection, or if you’re interested in having one, just let us know.

We’ll activate the connection, and relevant offers will be mixed with offers from the GDS and displayed to your customers.

We’ve prepared two billing variants. The customer pays to you by credit card and you will pay the price of the air ticket either through BSP, or you can deposit a certain amount with us and we’ll deduct the amount of sold tickets from your deposit. Start using the new system of commissions and discounts

GOL IBE now offers a brand new system of how you can set up airline commissions and discounts for your customers. All controls are unified in a single clear admin console where you define the amount of the required commission, and based on that also of a possible discount. Moreover, the settings offer a lot of new options, such as taking into consideration the type of passenger, the booking class etc. Everything is already available to you in the admin console at Display your front-end in new languages

We’ve newly added Estonian and Lithuanian. As of now, GOL IBE supports 23 languages! If you wish to activate any other language, just let us know (subject to your tier).

Any questions, feedback, comments? Let us know at Your CEE Travel Systems team


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