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Issuing and VOIDing of bookings in the back office, carry-on luggage and speedy boarding for low-cost flights, 9 passengers in special offers, display in NET prices and multi-currency markets.

Dear customers, dear partners, we’re bringing you exciting news from our GOL IBE laboratory. 1. Manual issuing of tickets in the back office Some of you tell us that you receive offline payments and that you wish to issue tickets by one click. Or that you even have dealers that have paid you a deposit and they wish to issue tickets as needed. Solved! If you’re interested and you have auto-ticketing activated, we can switch on this feature for you and you can issue ticket by one click. 2. VOIDing of tickets in the back office Besides issuing tickets in the back office, you can now also VOID them there. Just let us know and we can activate this feature for you. 3. Low-cost bookings: carry-on luggage and speedy boarding Recently, some low-cost carriers have introduced and then again cancelled fees for carry-on luggage. GOL IBE is ready for that and it also offers the option to additionally purchase carry-on luggage. And another news, your customers can also buy speedy boarding. This is automatically activated for all those of you who use low-cost offers in GOL IBE. 4. Special offers for up to 9 passengers Now your customers can book special offers for not only 4, but for up to 9 passengers. We have activated this for all users of the Special offers module. 5. Placeholder for the ViewTrip link in the email ticket confirmation You can now also add the {viewtrip_link} placeholder to the email ticket confirmation. The link redirects the passenger to Travelport ViewTrip where they can by one click check the up-to-date status of their booking. You can set this up yourself, or we’re happy to help you. 6. Search and display of offers for NET prices GOL IBE can now search and display special prices in NET amount. We have users in some countries who require it. It may be useful for some of you in the future. Let us know. 7. Functioning in another currency in case of multiple markets If your business is present in multiple markets, GOL IBE can search and book also in a second currency. We’re happy to help you with settings.

Any questions, feedback, comments? Let us know at Your CEE Travel Systems team

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