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New exclusive members area for our partners / distributors is here!

All you need in one place

5 min read, but totally worth it ;)

Dear friends and colleagues from Travelport offices around the world, as you know, we appreciate all your hard work promoting and distributing our solutions to travel agencies in your markets. And we're always thinking about how to make your everyday effort easier and more effective. Therefore, we have a brand new members area waiting for you on our website Why? Remember when you want to promote GEM or GOL IBE or TripGate to one of your top customers in a couple of hours, and you hope we'll send you the deck in time? Or when a customer chases you for that trial access, you need to order it right now but can't find the Word file with order form? How about when you just can't remember the price of GalileoTerminal (who would with so many products to sell, right?) and you know the customer is going to ask you at the meeting in about 15 min? Well, no more! From now on, you'll always have instant access to:

  • Online ordering

  • Sales & Support tools:

  • Up-to-date pricing

  • Pitch decks + presentation notes

  • Short & funny promo videos

  • Recorded demos

  • Online guides

  • Demo sites / accesses

  • FAQs

All you need to do is:

  1. Go straight to and click Partners Log In in the upper right corner.

  2. Sign up using your email address or Facebook / Google+ account.

  3. Wait for us to approve your registration. This way really only you, our partners / distributors, have access to the members area.

  4. You'll receive a confirmation email that your request has been approved.

  5. Go back to our homepage, log in and enjoy access to exclusive information and tools.


Do you have any other ideas on what you'd like to see in the members area? Just let us know at Your CEE Travel Systems team

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