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GalileoTerminal - Have you tried clickability? What do you think?

Dear customers, dear colleagues, 3 weeks ago, we introduced clickability in GalileoTerminal. It can be used for availability and fare display that you get from the host.

Have you tried it out? Does it make your everyday work easier now? What do you think? What other host responses should be clickable? Give us your suggestions.

Clickability in GT Highlighted parts of the host response with different background color are also clickable. For example, the booking classes in the availability response:

When the mouse cursor changes into the ‘hand cursor’, an action can be initiated by clicking. The host responses that are clickable:

  • Availability – a click on the highlighted booking class initiates the short sell command (eg. N1J1), the number of sold seats is controlled by the select box displayed at the bottom of the terminal window. This box can be also used for the availability calls for one day ahead and one day back:

  • Fare display – different parts of the FD response can be clicked to get detailed information:

  • Price – fare rules category 16 (penalties)

  • Fare basis – complete fare rules

  • Booking class – detailed booking class information with optional selection for secondary carrier

  • Advance Purchase – advance res/ticketing information

  • Min/Max – Minimum / Maximum stay information

  • Seasons – seasonality information

  • MR – Mileage and or Routing information

  • DT – Day / Time Restraints information

Do you want to praise us? Or give us a suggestion for improvement? Anything else you want to tell us? We're an email away at Your CEE Travel Systems team


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