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TripGate - Product news

A few weeks have passed and after the successful introduction of Branded Fares in January, we have prepared great new features to share with you. Let's have a look at some of them.


Gives you an opportunity to build remarks / commands to be sent into the GDS with a PNR. Thanks to four simple steps, transmitting information into a PNR has never been easier.


It sometimes happens to all of us. Forgetting about something like your passport expiration is so easy. Now, TripGate will notify all users having their passport data filled in to renew their passports.


To make your product presentation even more attractive for corporate clients, we have created a product video that you can share with them. Watch it now.


To support your efforts even more, here's a very useful factsheet with a TripGate description. Hand it over to your prospects so that they can remember the topic and follow up.


For many years, we have cooperated with a hotel content supplier which offers an amazing selection of properties. With over 40 hotel networks and global providers, you can be sure that travellers search in an enormous database and book for competitive prices. You can find there hotels from HRS, Go Global, Expedia, GTA and many more. Have a look at their website:


  • now you can enable or disable Travel Policy measures

  • contact details of a booking person are automatically filled in for low-cost flights

  • possibility to share Transaction Fees across the holding companies

  • Estonian special characters are automatically turned into latin

  • we improved sorting so that flights with the same price begin with the earliest one

  • security measures avoiding duplicate bookings for certain airlines penalising by ADM, detailed description can be found below

Above features are a part of TripGate v1.7 and v1.8, to be released into production within 2 weeks.

Are you interested to learn more or to give us a feedback? Drop us an email at

Your CEE Travel Systems team

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