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Queue Processor – Auto-removal of HX segments

Dear customers, dear colleagues,

exciting news! This time from our QP lab.

Are you penalized by airlines for bookings with not acknowledged HX segment statuses? Do you have to manually check cancelled segments day and night?

No more! Queue Processor can now remove HX segments from PNRs automatically, and thus help you reduce the number of possible ADMs from airlines.

The auto-removal runs once per day during the nightly maintenance, when QP sends all not ticketed PNRs with HX segments and tomorrow’s departure date to a working queue. Their itinerary is cancelled, a notepad remark is inserted and the PNR is removed from the queue.

Not using QP yet? Start with the 1-month free trial. We’re an email away at You can also learn more about QP at its product site.


CEE Travel Systems team

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