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Have your air tickets under control!

Dear clients, dear partners, CEE Travel Data is a web-based application that gives you and your corporate clients information on issued tickets. What’s new?

CEE Travel Data can automatically send you reports via email.

You can receive the reports even to multiple addresses with daily, weekly or monthly frequency. If you wish to find in your inbox every morning a list of tickets issued the previous day, this functionality is for you.

Graphs will help you track the count of tickets and the production on individual airlines.

The graphs give you overviews of tickets for a defined period, including the count of tickets and the airline structure. You can easily copy the graphs and tables.

Your corporate clients instantly see the current position of their employees.

This way companies can immediately find out where their employees are in case of a catastrophy. All they need to do is to filter the tickets for passengers that are currently travelling. They can also filter the tickets based on a specific destination.

We’d love to hear your feedback or questions. Drop us a message at


CEE Travel Systems team


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