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GOL IBE now displays offers with and without baggage in the same classes and on the same flights, plus more news!

Dear clients and partners,

we’re excited to share these important GOL IBE news with you:

1. Exclusive feature! GOL IBE can now display offers with and without baggage on the same flights.

Global distribution systems by default offer the lowest prices for selected flights with selected airlines. On the other hand, there are offers with the same booking class but different fares. We can solve that for you but we need you to help us with two things:

a. Let us know your non-baggage fares (displayable in your Desktop/Smartpoint with a parameter – ie. private fares with account codes). Some airlines load non-baggage fares by using account codes. We can arrange that these fares will be available through your GOL IBE.

b. Ask your local Travelport representative for a separate PCC which we will configure and will search through two PCCs for you – one without baggage and the other one including baggage. Your customers booking through GOL IBE won’t recognize anything, they just see a single list of search results and their bookings are created as usual.

2. We check passengers‘ age before the booking is made.

In the past, there were a lot of cases when the type of passenger in the search didn’t match with the age of passenger in the booking. GOL IBE now checks this for your customers and it doesn’t finish any booking unless the two parameters match.

3. You can prefer low-cost carriers in your search.

Some of your customers create landing pages, it means pages dedicated for searching flights of a particular airline. This could have been done only for regular carriers – until now. Now you can prefer the low-cost carriers and create a site with their flights.

4. GOL IBE has an increasing number of users in many countries, and there were issues with multi-digit prices and calculations.

We have fixed this and we look forward to your feedback.

Your CEE Travel Systems team


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