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GEM – the exchange with Add Collect Taxes and EMD for Refundable Balance

Dear GEM users,

we would like to inform you about a new functionality in GEM – Ticket Exchange with Add Collect Taxes and EMD for Refundable Balance.

This a is a new functionality in the Travelport Galileo system and we have modified GEM accordingly. In an exchange situation, if additional taxes apply to the new itinerary and the e-ticket being exchanged will result in a partial refund, there is a possibility to collect additional taxes and issue an EMD-S for Refundable balance in a single transaction. See an example here.

Reminder: It is not enough to issue an EMD for refundable balance. Such an EMD must be refunded afterwards. If the Void exchange transaction is supported by the carrier, a new ticket along with the EMD for refundable balance can be voided, but before EMD is refunded. Once the EMD is refunded, Void exchange transaction is refused.

Your CEE Travel Systems team


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