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CEE Itinerary

Instantly Generate Graphic Itineraries and Send Them to Your Clients via Email. Available for Download at No Cost.

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Travelport+ Compatible

Use CEE Itinerary to swiftly make graphical itineraries using data from Travelport Smartpoint, and then email them straight to your customers. It's available to download and use for free.

Travelport Smartpoint plugin

  • Install CEE Itinerary and launch it directly from your Travelport Smartpoint using the #ITIN entry or the CEE Itinerary custom toolbar button.

  • It supports air, hotel, and car rental segments.

  • Personalize the header and footer. You can include your agency's logo.

  • Dispatch the itinerary through email in HTML and PDF formats.

  • Include additional promotional content tailored to your customer's destination.

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CEE Itinerary in Your Customer's Language

CEE Itinerary supports Czech, Dutch, English, German, European Spanish, Latin American Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, simplified Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese.
And adding more languages is a breeze.

Boost Your Earnings

CEE Itinerary works hand in hand with Trip Manager, our platform for selling airline extras after booking. Passengers can book and pay for things like preferred seats, meals, and extra baggage directly on Your job? Just to rake in your commissions :)

CEE Itinerary displays the Trip link when:

  1. The service is up for grabs for the specific route.

  2. Your agency has activated Trip Manager with us and set a commission rate.

Mexican Meal

Boost Your Income Further

If your agency is affiliated with, you can use your login details to enhance itineraries with a link to hotel offers matching the destinations and travel dates. When customers click the link, they'll be taken to your branded affiliate site where the content is already tailored for them.

Simple and Quick Setup

Follow our easy step-by-step guide, and you'll have CEE Itinerary running in no time. It's free to set up on your own, but if you need a hand, we're here to help for a small one-time fee of USD 100.


Setting up your Gmail or local Outlook client is now a breeze with just one click.


Prefer a specific date format for your customers – like 28.10.1918, or 10/28/1918? Pick the one that suits them best in the settings.

Each user's individual settings are saved in their own folder, so you'll always have your preferences ready, even on a shared PC.

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Boosted itineraries

Each flight comes with details on its CO2 emissions.

There's a link included for each flight to the airline's baggage policy page.

CEE Itinerary also sends out individual flights as calendar events, making it super easy for your passengers to add them to their schedules.

CEE Itinerary+

Want to take things up a notch? While CEE Itinerary is free, a nominal annual fee can elevate your customer's experience, adding more flair to your itineraries. Think airline logos, info on Emirates' transfer service (SUR), a direct send feature, and more updates on the way. To get CEE Itinerary Plus, just use the Order Form link provided below.

Here's a snapshot of the premium features in CEE Itinerary Plus (which we keep updating):

  • Display Airline Logos on Itineraries

  • EK Transfer Service Support (SUR Segment)

  • Server-Side Banner Storage with Direct Upload

  • Email Itineraries Directly Without Preview

  • On-Board Meal and Flight Distance Details


CEE Itinerary
Grab it now and use it for free.

Setting Up and Customizing Itinerary is a Breez.

You can easily configure and personalize Itinerary on your own. But if you need a hand with the settings or customization, we're here to help for a one-time fee of USD 100.

If you experience any difficulties after entering the #ITIN command  (CHECK ACTION CODE), please type the following two commands:



and then


If then after entering the #ITIN command, your Smartpoint still responds with an error, please type:


and then


CEE Itinerary+
USD 100 / PCC / year



The Original Version is a Bit of a Mystery Now. It's been so long since the first version was released that its details are a bit fuzzy to us now. :) But, rest assured, we've made tons of improvements and enhancements since those early days. See the latest ones.

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