CEE Itinerary

Instantly create graphical itineraries and email them to your clients.

Download and use for free.


Travelport Galileo supported

With CEE Itinerary, you can instantly create graphical itineraries from the data in Travelport Smartpoint and send them to your customers. Download and use it for free.

Travelport Smartpoint plugin

  • Install CEE Itinerary and launch it directly from your Travelport Smartpoint using the #ITIN entry or the CEE Itinerary custom toolbar button.

  • Air, hotel and car segments supported.

  • Customize the header and the footer. Add your agency logo.

  • Send the itinerary via email (HTML plus PDF).

  • Add other promotional information based on customer's destination.

CEE Itinerary speaks your customers' language

CEE Itinerary supports Czech, Dutch, English, German, European Spanish, Latin American Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, simplified Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese. Other languages can be easily added.

Increase your revenue

If your agency cooperates with Booking.com as an affiliate partner, you can use your credentials and enrich itineraries with a link to hotel offers for relevant destinations and travel dates. By clicking the link, customers will land on your branded affiliate site with pre-filtered content.

Increase your revenue even more

CEE Itinerary is integrated with Trawys, our solution for post-booking sale of airline ancillary services. Paid seats, meals and baggage can be booked and paid by the passenger directly via www.trawys.com. Your only task is to collect your commissions :)

CEE Itinerary shows the Trawys.com link, if:

  1. the service is available for a given routing,

  2. your agency activated Trawys with us and defined a commission level.

Easy setup

Thanks to the step-by-step guide, you'll be up and running in no time. CEE Itinerary is free of charge and you should be able to set it up by yourself. If you need any assistance however, we're ready to help for a small one-time fee of USD 100.


It now takes just one click to set up your Gmail or your local Outlook client.


Which date format do your customers prefer – 28.10.1918, or 10/28/1918? Choose what works best for them in the settings.

Individual settings are now stored in each user's folder. You will always get your settings, even if you share the PC with your colleagues.

Boosted itineraries

Every flight includes information on CO2 emissions.

Every flight includes a link to the airline baggage policy site.

CEE Itinerary also sends individual flights as events that your passengers can easily add to their calendars.

CEE Itinerary

Download and use for free.

You can easily set up and customize Itinerary by yourself. If you need our help with the settings and customization, we're happy to assist for a one-time fee USD 100.

If you experience any difficulties after entering the #ITIN command  (CHECK ACTION CODE), please type the following two commands:



and then


If then after entering the #ITIN command, your Smartpoint still responds with an error, please type:


and then




The first version was released a long time ago and nobody remembers what was in it :) However, we have made a lot of enhancements since then. See the latest ones.




CEE Travel Systems provides software solutions for users of Travelport GDS systems Galileo™, Apollo™ and Worldspan™.

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