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Link Your Online Booking Tool (OBT) and Other Applications with Travelport GDS.

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What is GOL API?

GOL API is a comprehensive programming interface that grants your applications unified access to Travelport GDS and the low-cost carrier aggregator, Travelfusion. This access is made possible through the robust booking core of GOL IBE

streamlining your connectivity and integration processes.

Is GOL API Right for You?

If you're an Online Travel Agency (OTA) with a team of programmers, or if you're a developer yourself, GOL API could be just what you need.

Especially if you're creating your own online booking tool or other travel-related applications and looking to integrate them with Travelport GDS, GOL API is designed to make this connection seamless and efficient.

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Benefits of Using GOL API

  • Offers enhanced data pre-processing and parsing for better clarity and usability.

  • Features a more straightforward query scheme compared to traditional API connections. Its core efficiently manages all the exceptions and variances common in the booking process of travel services.

  • Improves search outcomes by incorporating preferences and conducting multiple queries. This is supported by years of experience and statistical methods that identify the most favorable results.

  • Delivers outputs that enable easy management of created bookings.

  • Frees you from worrying about updates or changes in content sources. We manage these aspects, ensuring you have a stable and up-to-date API to rely on.

The Heavy Lifting is Handled by GOL API

GOL API not only saves you time and money, but it also streamlines numerous aspects:

  • No need to create an admin console from scratch; use our ready-made one.

  • Manage dealer sales, including booking overviews and commission calculations.

  • Administer commissions and service fees with ease.

  • Enjoy included airline logos and translations.

  • Utilize GOL API’s system for setting up email notifications for users, online operators, or dealers.

  • GOL API takes care of the communication processes between your application and the host.

  • The business logic needed for requesting different types of fare quotes for various passenger types is already integrated and functional.

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  • GOL API effectively addresses scenarios where your application must format passenger names in a specific way for the host, especially when there's a limit on the number of characters allowed.

  • With GOL API, fine-tuning search results based on various parameters is straightforward and user-friendly.


Exploring the Possibilities with GOL API

If you're curious about what you can accomplish with GOL API, here's some inspiration from what we've successfully built using it:

Mutli-source API

Multi-source API

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Branded fares

As passengers become increasingly discerning, they expect to find the perfect flight and pricing option on your travel agency's website. Thanks to GOL API's ability to display branded fares from Travelport+, they can now easily do just that. All they need to do is click on "More Brands" in the search results to explore a wider range of tailored fare options.

Advanced features

Incorporating Sophisticated Ready-Made Features

Offering One-Way Combos

With this feature, you can present travelers with an unprecedented range of flight combinations, more competitive prices, and broader time choices. Our favored tools now have the ability to merge previously incompatible content, like traditional legacy fares with Low-Cost Carriers (LCC) or New Distribution Capability (NDC) offerings. Just think of the possibilities this opens up.

Online Shopping

Seamless Payment Gateway Integration

One of the most convenient payment methods for both you and your customers is the credit card. We've integrated over 30 payment gateways globally with GOL API, sparing you the effort. This means you save thousands of dollars that would otherwise be spent on integration processes.

Global: Paypal

Africa & Middle East: DirectPay Online, Coinpayments, Payswitch, Pesapal, Xpresspay, Yo payments, CBQ, PayTabs

APAC: iPay88, Kasikorn, Paydollar/AsiaPay, PxPay, Commonwealth Bank, eGHL, Billplz

Europe: Azericard, Barclay, BKT, CardPay, Cartu, Comgate, CSOB, eBanka, Eborica, Liqpay, GPWebpay, Paylink, PayU, Simplepay, Sporopay, Tatrapay, VUB, Corvus

Centralized Management with Admin Console

Think of it as your command center. Instead of investing time in programming, leverage our ready-to-use admin console. It's where you can configure your mark-up, oversee the visual aspect of your application, access online bookings and registered customer information, view statistics, and more. Plus, it fully supports Google Analytics for enhanced insights and tracking.

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Enhanced Booking and Search Features

Calendar shopping opens up opportunities to boost your booking volume by spotlighting specific destinations on your website.

The admin console enables you to configure parallel search queries, enhancing the search results according to different parameters. This can include preferences for certain airlines, unconventional flight times, transfer options, and more. Apply your expertise to extract the most optimal search outcomes.

Maximize Price Competitiveness with MultiPCC

If you're operating a multi-national travel agency or have branches or affiliate partners outside your primary market, MultiPCC is a game-changer. By connecting all your Galileo PCCs to your GOL API-powered application, you open up a wider array of offers for your customers. This connectivity significantly boosts your chances of offering the most competitive prices and, consequently, selling more tickets.





Link Your Online Booking Tool (OBT) and Other Applications Seamlessly to Travelport GDS.

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