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See, Track, and Report on E-Tickets and EMDs.
Maintain a transparent overview of your business activities.


What's Great About Go-Link?

Go-Link pulls your MIR files, processes them, and produces ready-to-use agent reports and detailed sales reports in XLS and XML formats for all e-tickets your agency issues through Travelport+.

You can use Go-Link as a standalone mid-office tool, or in tandem with other third-party solutions that utilize MIR file data.

How does It Work?

1. As soon as you issue an e-ticket (TKP) in the Travelport system, the e-ticket information (MIR) is automatically sent to Go-Link.

2. After that, you just log into Go-Link and start going through your reports.


Sort and Examine Your Data with Ease

Go-Link provides several ways to organize your data: by issue date, booking PCC, booking sign-on, issuing sign-on, form of payment, and document type. This allows you, for instance, to look into the number of tickets issued for a certain airline, identify the most frequented destination last month, find out who your top-selling agent is, and more.

Generate Reports in Just a Few Clicks

With Go-Link, you can quickly create detailed reports for every ticket, covering routing, ticketing carrier, taxes, commission, and segment status. Customize these reports through Go-Link's admin console to include additional data like service fees, discounts, or payment details. Then, easily export them to other applications for deeper analysis.


Since the reports are in Microsoft Excel and XML formats, Go-Link seamlessly works with various third-party applications, like accounting software and CRM systems.

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  • Export Data in XLS and XML Formats

  • Powerful analytical tool:

    • Carrier specific reports

    • Reports on top destinations

Still Unsure?

  • A highly efficient tool for automated creation of your sales reports.

  • User-friendly, browser-based interface.

  • Easy yet robust management of e-tickets.

  • Secure, remote access to your e-ticket database.

  • Data retained for up to 12 months.

  • Works well with third-party apps like CRM, accounting software, and more.


USD 235 / PCC / year

Maintain a Transparent Overview of Your Business Activities.

 Try it out with a 1-month free trial.

Go-Link API

USD 600 / PCC / year

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