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View, monitor and generate reports on e-tickets and EMDs.

Keep a clear track of your business.


Why Go-Link?

Go-Link retrieves your MIR files, processes them and produces for you ready-made agent reports and comprehensive sales reports in XLS and XML formats on all e-tickets issued by your agency via Travelport+.


You can use Go-Link either as a self-sufficient mid-office solution, or along with third-party developments using MIR files data.

How does it work?

1. Once you issue an e-ticket (TKP) in the Travelport system, e-ticket information (MIR) is automatically transferred to Go-Link.

2. Then you can log into Go-Link and analyze your reports.


Easily sort and analyze your data

Go-Link offers you various options on how to sort your data: issue date, booking PCC, booking sign-on, issuing sign-on, form of payment and document type. You can then, for example, analyze the number of tickets issued for a specific airline or define the most popular destination of the last month, the most productive sales agent etc.

Create reports with a few clicks

You can produce a detailed report for every single ticket, including routing, ticketing carrier, taxes, commission and segment status. Then just customize the reports via Go-Link's admin console as you need (add data columns such as service fees, discounts or payment information), and export them to other applications for further analysis.


Exported reports are in Microsoft Excel and XML formats so Go-Link is compatible with third-party applications such as accounting software, CRM, etc.

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  • Data export in XLS and XML.

  • Powerful analytical tool:

    • Carrier specific reports

    • Top destinations

Not yet convinced?

  • Efficient solution for automated generation of your sales reports.

  • Browser-based graphical user interface.

  • Simple and powerful e-ticket management.

  • Secured remote access to your e-ticket database.

  • Data storage up to 12 months.

  • Compatible with 3rd-party applications (CRM, accounting software, etc.).


USD 195 / PCC / year


Keep a clear track of your business.

1-month free trial available.

Go-Link API

USD 500 / PCC / year

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