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You’re about to join hundreds of travel agencies all around the world who help customers change their travel plans quickly and safely with GEM & GRM. We believe GEM & GRM will help you support and grow your travel business every day.

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Get started




Please note that by downloading and installing GEM & GRM, you acknowledge that you agree to the Terms of Service.


You may be warned by your antivirus software when downloading the installation files. The files are of course harmless and don’t contain any malware or viruses. Ignore the warning and proceed. 


Before the installation, turn off your Galileo Desktop and Smartpoint and click the downloaded files to start. Travelport Smartpoint must be turned off during the entire installation.

When you start GEM or GRM for the first time, you will need to enable ActiveX components twice.


After the installation, open your Travelport Smartpoint and you will find the GEM and GRM buttons added to your toolbar. You can also run GEM and GRM in Smartpoint by using the #GEM and #GRM entries in your terminal window. If the system returns the error response CHECK ACTION CODE, please follow these instructions.

FQP Assistant and GEM

Download FQP Assistant and use it for free along with GEM. It’ll help you when you need to receive a specific Fare calculation which is not returned by the Galileo GDS after >FQ< or >FQBB< based on the PNR, or if the PNR cannot be used.



Do you want to ask us something about GEM & GRM? Have you got stuck? We’re ready to assist you at

To be able to assist you properly, please ask your local Travelport to add PCC 64UZ into the SVCB field of the AAT table of your PCCs using GEM. Please send us your PCC, PNR and a screenshot of GEM and a description of the issue. This’ll enable us to know all the details and help you with your questions.



Downloads & Tutorials

Downloads & Tutorials

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