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Quick and safe ticket exchanges, reissues and refunds.


Only 6 steps to a new ticket

Ticket exchanges and reissues are complicated. Travel agents need a lot of experience and knowledge to be able to do them. GEM helps you do ticket exchanges and reissues quickly, easily and safely. Watch the short video on the left and let our colleague Brian show you how to exchange and reissue tickets with just a few clicks.

Travelport Galileo supported

Are you a Travelport Galileo user? Benefit from GEM's and GRM's unique features, whether you use Focalpoint or Smartpoint.


GEM & GRM work for all airlines available in Travelport Galileo.

Available for both IATA and non-IATA agencies (selective access required).


It's as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Let GEM guide you through the entire process of ticket exchange or reissue. In case of refunds (GRM), it's even less steps.

Save time and money – big time

Save money by preventing errors in manual calculations. Save even more money by reducing the number of ADMs issued due to incorrect calculations and reissues. Save time thanks to the automatic calculation. GEM and GRM are web-based so you save even more time thanks to automatic updates.

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GEM & GRM are ready for any situation

  • Both before and after the passenger has started their journey

  • Cases of flight, routing and aircraft changes

  • Reissues the same ticket over and over again

  • Supports bookings with 9+ passengers

  • Supports your airline negotiated fares

  • When a new booking is required

Repeated reissues

Sometimes, your agents need to reissue the same ticket several times. GEM's ready for that, and you can reissue over and over and over again.

A lapotp _refresh_ key meant to symboliz

Group bookings

GEM supports group bookings with airline negotiated prices. It's very flexible and can help you solve a huge number of non-standard ticket exchanges and reissues.

GRM is way better than manual refunds

You may think refunds are so easy that you don't need any special tool for them. But GRM has a few aces up its sleeve:

  • The graphical user interface. No more cryptic entries.

  • GRM is checking the linkage (whether all devices are up). This is necessary for finishing the refund process and printing the refund notice. If the itinerary printer is down, GRM can change it to be up again.

  • GRM is checking the coupon status and continues
    only when the status is OPEN or ARPT.

  • If the PNR still exists and even if the segments have been already cancelled, GRM can take all the necessary ticketing data (especially all taxes) from the Filed Fare History and add them to the refund mask. Very useful in case of the second or subsequent exchange or reissue.

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  • GRM shows all paid taxes from both (all) tickets, ie. the originally paid taxes plus the additionally collected difference.

  • Clever warnings. If the ticket is refunded in a different office (PCC) than where the ticket has been issued, GRM shows you a warning and the refund process must be ignored (cancelled).

Watch a demo

Have GEM & GRM piqued your interest? Then watch a full demo where we show you in detail how they can help you save time and money in the most usual situations every ticketing agent comes across almost daily. Contact your Travelport Account Manager and start your 1-month free trial today.

Watch a demo

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Quick and safe ticket exchanges, reissues and refunds.

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