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Print Archive

Print Documents from Travelport+ Directly to File.
Available for Free Download.


Travelport+ Compatible

Use Print Archive to print documents from Travelport+ directly to a file and save them on your computer or laptop. It's available for you to download and use at no cost.

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Easy-to-Use Tool, Huge Assistance

  • Change where your Travelport+ prints go. Instead of sending documents to a printer, they're saved right on your computer's hard drive.

  • Print Archive organizes your documents by type and renames them for easy searching.

  • You can also look up documents from the past and send them via email.

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Cut Costs and Be Eco-Friendly

Print Archive isn't just free – it also cuts down your regular printing costs because you only print documents when absolutely necessary. The documents you save make for an excellent archive. Plus, you're doing your bit for the environment by saving trees :)

How does it work?

Print Archive detects the type of files, renames them, and then organizes them into these specific subdirectories:

  • 01_agent cpn – contains AGENT coupons labelled with ticket number, airline code, date of issue, passenger's name.

  • 02_psgr cpn – contains PASSENGER receipts.

  • 03_uccf – contains universal credit charge forms.

  • 04_itinerary – contains itinerary.

  • 05_refund – contains REFUND notices.

  • 06_emd – contains EMD notices.

  • 10_sourcedir – directory where the files generated by Galileo Print Manger are stored. 

  • 11_backupdir – contains a back-up of all unsorted and unrenamed files. 

  • 12_log – contains a log file recording all operations made by Print Archive. 

  • 13_wrongdir – contains all the remaining unidentifiable files.

Print Archive
Get it now and use it completely free of charge.


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