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Flight Watchdog API
& Price Checker API

Boost Traffic to Your Website and Increase Air Ticket Sales.

Invite travelers to use your online booking tool to monitor the prices of flights they're interested in. This approach not only draws more visitors to your website but also enhances your air ticket sales by catering directly to customer interests.

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What is Flight Watchdog API?

Flight Watchdog API is a versatile programming tool designed to integrate the Flight Watchdog feature into your application. This addition enables your online booking tool or travel app to assist passengers in monitoring their desired itineraries and tracking ticket price changes. Ultimately, this leads to more ticket sales, boosting your revenue.

Is Flight Watchdog API Suitable for You?

Do you run an Online Travel Agency (OTA) with a team of programmers, or are you an independent developer?

Are you in the process of creating your own online booking tool or other travel-related applications?

Do you aim to draw more customers to your website and increase your ticket sales?

If your answer to these questions is 'YES', then Flight Watchdog API is an essential tool for you. It's specifically designed to enhance your offerings and improve customer engagement on your platform.

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Benefits of Using Flight Watchdog API

  • Major time/money saver.

  • Increased revenue.

  • JScript add-on: Minimizes programming efforts, saving even more time.

  • Comprehensive Content Coverage: Includes content from Travelport Galileo for legacy airlines, as well as Travelfusion for Low-Cost Carriers (LCCs) and New Distribution Capability (NDC) content

  • eStreaming integration Offers richer options and a higher likelihood of sales due to its integration with eStreaming, providing access to a vast array of data and options.

Building Possibilities with Flight Watchdog API

You might be curious about the practical applications of this API. As a source of inspiration, we've utilized Flight Watchdog API to develop Flight Watchdog add-on for users of GOL IBE. This implementation showcases the API's potential in enhancing existing booking systems with advanced monitoring and alert capabilities for flight prices and itineraries.

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Price Checker API

  • Integrate your application with the Price Checker API to augment its capabilities. This API allows you to enrich your app's data using insights gained from Flight Watchdog API.

  • You have the flexibility to access this data either directly through the Price Checker API or by downloading it, offering a versatile solution to enhance your application's functionality and user experience.

How Price Checker API Can Be a Game-Changer. Imagine you need to keep track of flight prices from Vienna to Prague every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday over a two-month period, for stays of 5, 10, and 14 days. You can simply input these requirements into the Flight Watchdog batch. Flight Watchdog then begins daily checks for availability and prices based on your criteria. All search results are collected and stored in the Price Checker database. Through the API, you can access this data to verify availability and pricing for specific days, find the cheapest option for the defined period, and monitor price trends for particular days and city-pairs. This process offers a comprehensive and efficient way to stay informed about pricing dynamics.

OTAs are the Biggest Enthusiasts


Student Agency

A leading Online Travel Agency in the Czech Republic, Student Agency, has chosen to integrate the Flight Watchdog API into their online booking engine. This partnership highlights the value and effectiveness of the API in enhancing the booking experience for a major player in the travel industry.

An OTA operated by a team of enthusiastic young professionals keen on adopting new technologies, has successfully integrated the API into their application. This integration specifically powers their Facebook marketing campaigns, contributing significantly to their success in the online travel market.



Flight Watchdog API

Flight Watchdog API
Draw More Visitors to Your Website. Boost Your Ticket Sales.

* Charged yearly.


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