Flight Watchdog


Attract customers to your website. Sell more air tickets.

Let travellers ask your online booking tool to keep an eye on prices of tickets they're interested in.


What is it?

Flight Watchdog API is a universal programming tool that allows you to add the Flight Watchdog feature to your application. That way your online booking tool or travel app can help passengers keep track of the itineraries they're interested in and of how the ticket prices evolve. In the end, that's more sold tickets and thus more revenue for yourself.

Is it for you?

Are you an OTA and you have programmers on your team? Or are you a developer?

If you're developing your own online booking tool or other travel related apps, and you want to attract customers to your website and sell more tickets, you need Flight Watchdog API.

Why Flight Watchdog API?

  • Major time/money saver.

  • Increased revenue.

  • JScript add-on (you save more programming hours).

  • Content: Travelport Galileo (legacy air), Travelfusion (LCCs and NDC).

  • eStreaming integration (richer options and higher chance to sell).

What can you build with Flight Watchdog API?

You might be wondering what can this API actually help you achieve. To give you a bit of an inspiration, we used it to build Flight Watchdog as an add-on for users of GOL IBE.

OTAs are biggest fans

Student Agency

One of the most prominent OTAs in the Czech Republic decided to use Flight Watchdog API for their online booking engine.


An OTA run by excited young guys who are early adopters of any new technology. They've integrated the API with their own app which generates Facebook campaigns for them. And they're very successful at that.



Flight Watchdog API

Attract customers to your website.

Sell more tickets.

* Charged yearly.





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