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FQP Assistant

Get Fare calculation quickly without a PNR.

Download and use for free.


Travelport GDS supported

Thanks to FQP Assistant, users of Travelport GDS can quickly get a Fare calculation without a PNR. Download and use it for free.

When to use FQP Assistant?

  • FQP Assistant is an important tool and comes handy especially during a pandemic when ticket exchanges are subject to special and non-standard instructions by individual airlines, such as to make exchanges within the two-year validity of the ticket.

  • When you need to receive a specific Fare calculation which is not returned by the system after >FQ< or >FQBB< based on the PNR, or if PNR cannot be used.

  • When the PNR is partly flown and you need to find the correct RBD (booking class) for the return travel.

  • When the upgrade to the higher Fare has to be calculated for the whole journey including flown sectors. Such an entry with all the modifiers is quite complicated. FQP Assistant makes this significantly easier for you.

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FQP Assistant and TCP Exchange are friends

Do you use TCP Exchange every day and you’re loving it? Combine it with FQP Assistant and become a black belt in exchanging and reissuing tickets. Here’s an example how. Not sure about something? We’re ready to help at

FQP Assistant

Download and use for free.


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