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FQP Assistant

Quickly Calculate Fares Without Needing a PNR.
Available for Download at No Cost.


Travelport+ Compatible

With FQP Assistant, Travelport+ users can swiftly obtain Fare calculations without the need for a PNR. It's available for you to download and use, free of charge.

Ideal Times to Use FQP Assistant

  • FQP Assistant becomes particularly useful in situations like a pandemic, when ticket exchanges follow unique rules set by airlines, such as swapping tickets within their two-year validity.

  • When you need a specific Fare calculation that isn't provided by the system after inputting >FQ< or >FQBB< based on the PNR, or when a PNR can't be used.

  • If part of the PNR has already been flown and you need to determine the correct RBD (booking class) for the return leg.

  • When calculating an upgrade to a higher Fare for the entire trip, including the sectors already flown. Making such an entry with all modifiers can be complex, but FQP Assistant simplifies it significantly for you.

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FQP Assistant Teams Up with TCP Exchange

Already a fan of using TCP Exchange daily? Add FQP Assistant to your toolkit and master the art of ticket exchanges and reissues. Here's a practical example of how they work together. And if you're ever in doubt or need assistance, our support team at is always ready to help.

FQP Assistant
Get it now and use it completely free.


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